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January 29, 2005

zero degrees

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deep winter-
a man outside the market
feeds crows from his hand






shelling peas-
now and then from the meadow
. . . cow bells



“snowflakeSN”  Billie Wilson 

“shelling peas”: “Acorn” No. 6 (Spring 2001)
“deep winter” – 
The Heron’s Nest (December 2000)




from dagosan: 

zero degrees —

windchimes play

for the scarecrow and me 

                                   [Jan. 29, 2005]


(both genders even)?


tiny check  I’ve been missing Ethics and Lawyering Today, which

hasn’t been published since July.   I hope Bill and Lucian are well.


tiny check  Got Insurance? You can go here and find out if a Virginia

lawyer has been disciplined since 1991 or is practicing without 

malpractice insurance.  Bravo, to the unified Virginia State Bar!

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