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January 30, 2005

tires spin and spin

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floodlit sky
the wrecking ball swings
in and out of darkness



opened door
the darkness lengthens
into a kitten




city dawn–
window washers
rise on their scaffold



Barry George from The Heron’s Nest (Vol. 3, 2001)

city dawn“, “open door“, “floodlit sky



from dagosan: 

the hush of Sunday morning

under new snow —

tires spin and spin

                             [Jan. 30, 2005]


one-breath pundit 

tiny check  As we enter February 2005, nobody can say whether the Iraq elections  “Iraq flag”

are a “success.”  It is far better to hope that the elections will lead to a stable government 

that brings peace, freedom and security to all its people (and peoples), than to point 

out all the ways this process falls short of an acceptable model for choosing a

government.   We can’t let disagreement with Pres. George W. Bush cause us to hope

Iraq remains in chaos.  Iraq may end 2005 with a government that is far from any our

Administration would choose.   The American public, pundits and politicians will have

plently of time thereafter to decide whether either American policy in Iraq or the state of

Iraq society and government can be deemed a success.

update (7 P.M.): Prof. Ann Althouse has remarks I want to echo: “What profound

admiration so many of us in America feel for the brave people of Iraq! They remind

us of the beauty of the liberties we take for granted and the courage that we are so

rarely called upon to show. ”  (which is a sad lead in to the blurb immediately below)


erasing  According to a preview in today’s USA Weekend magazine, a new Knight Foundation

survey found that “The majority of high school students assign little or no value to the rights

guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment: freedom of the press, speech and religion.”

(For complete results, starting Monday, go to firstamendmentfuture.org.)  Here are some

specific — and worrisome — results:

73% of students take their First Amendment rights for granted or don’t know how

           they feel about them.

21% think musicians should not be allowed to sing songs that may offend others.
believe people should not be allowed to burn the American flag.
think newspapers should not be allowed to publish without government


 wKeyN eKey small  Wearing her Editor’s hat at Law Technology News, Monica Bay says “So count on us to continue 

to ban jargon that creates walls, rather than bridges.”  (We agree: Can We Talk About “Virtual” English?)   But, can we get our favorite Scold to join us in the small gesture of adding those two little letters “we” back to the ugly stub of a word “blog”?  (See Does Blog Jargon Turn Off Outsiders? and, A (We)blog by Any Other Name)

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