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February 6, 2005

hum in place of words

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crackling beach fire —
we hum in place of words
we can’t recall




dwindling fire —
our conversation shifts
to death



starry starry night —
unfinished art school paintings
in the dumpster


crackling beach fire”  (Dec. 2004); “dwindling fire”  (Oct. 2004);

starry starry night” (March 2004)



by dagosan:  

at the sink

squinting at sunrise

and saturday’s dishes

                                     [Feb.6, 2005]


Prof. B. keeps asking for it . . . coin plate

but the f/k/a gang is still free-riding over at Bainbridge’s place,

despite Steve’s cute-pet-ploy.


tiny check  Point of Law pointed out the reference to med-mal reform

in the Illinois State of the State speech this week.  It reminds

us that Ill. favorite son Sen. Barack Obama has not yet responded

to our many requests (beginning Aug. 4, 2004) for his position

on tort reform.  Maybe Rick Klau will ask him again on Monday.


noYabutsSN   No surprise:  The NYC smoking ban has not hurt bars and   

restaurants.  (NYT article; via O. Kerr at VC)

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