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February 7, 2005

the get-well card

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piano practice

in the room above me

my father shouting





his death notice . . .

the get-well card

still in my briefcase




reading out loud

to an empty room


credits: “piano practice” Woodnotes #31




by dagosan:  


the sun sets too slowly —

driving westward

                                       [Feb.7, 2005]


“tinyredcheck”  I recommend reading the op/ed piece in today’s New York TImes, by Brandeis history  liberty bell neg 

professor, David Hackett Fischer, the author of Liberty and Freedom: A Visual History

of America’s Founding Ideas.”  Prof. Fischer notes that historically the words liberty

and freedom have different origins: “liberty meant privileges of independence; freedom

referred to rights of belonging.”  The piece concludes:

“The catch, of course, is that people become more truly free only when the

central ideas are respected: liberty as the rights of individual independence,

freedom in the rights of collective belonging. Many on the right and left

continue to call for one idea without the other, but the strongest ground is

in the center, where they come together.


“People across the globe will continue to create new combinations of liberty

and freedom, with an inexhaustible fertility of invention. These visions are

profoundly different from one another, but they are all part of one great

historical process that is more open and free than any one idea of liberty

or freedom has ever been, or even wished to be.”

yyS  Ann Althouse asked a very good question yesterday, “who cares about feminism?”,

in a post that wonders whether the Janet Jackson Super Bowl episode was about sexism

or prudishness.  She takes feminists to task for giving up on the sexual predation issue

back when they gave Clinton a pass over Paula Jones.  (via Prof. B)  I continue to believe

that the test of one’s principles is whether you apply them to yourself and your allies, not

whether you use them to club your enemies.  


tiny check  Raise your hand if you saw far too much of that “cool” Mustang ad during

Super Bowl XXXIX.  Steve?

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