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February 14, 2005

fasten your seatbelt, dear

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Valentine’s Day
she reminds me
to fasten my seatbelt   


you squeeze my hand . . .

how still the sky

after fireworks



Welch fireworks  

[Click here for original photo-poem]



pickup g  Michael Dylan Welch      pickup g             

“you squeeze my had” from Open WIndow – haiku & photographs

from a glimpse of red: The Red Moon Anthology 2000


by dagosan:  

give her a hand —

a perfect

snow angel

                                 [Feb.14, 2005]


tiny check  So misunderstood.  They’re ganging up on me at Carolyn’s place

on lawyers, fees, fidicuaries — over the valentine-divorce lawyer — and I haven’t

had a chance to reply yet on the merits.  It does not help the Carolyn incorrectly

asserts that I believe $375 is excessive for an uncontested divorce.

update (7 PM, Feb. 14, 2005):  I finally made a fuller reply at My Shingle.

Part of the discussion can be found here, where Eugene Lee and I go back

and forth on lawyer-fiduciares and the obligation to disclose options.

tiny check They’re ganging up on Mike the Idealist Cernovich, at Evan’s place,

where he asks “what do you like best about being a lawyer?”


tiny check  Prof. B offers an economic rationale for “compassionate conservatism,”

but wonders what happend to smaller government from Repulblicans.  Steve has

clearly been reading Bert Foer’s essay on Social Security and markets.

better than a box of chocolates

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The annual Valentine Awards issue of The Heron’s Nest is now online for  THNlogoG
your pleasure and inspiration.  It contains haiku chosen by the Editors and
by the Readers as the best to appear in 2004 in The Heron’s Nest, with
commentaries on many of the selections. 

For the first time, one person — Lenard D. Moore — has won the three major Valentine
Awards: Readers’ Favorite Poet & Favorite Poem, and Editor’s’ Choice Favorite Poem.

The Readers and Editors chose this beautiful , sad monument
to a father’s love as the best poem of the year:

hot afternoon
the squeak of my hands
on my daughter’s coffin

                       Lenard D. Moore

 THNlogoF While you’re waiting for the that special card from that special person to arrive,
The Heron’s Nest Valentine Awards (Vol. VII, Feb 2005) are the perfect distraction —
tastey and tasteful (and non-fattening).
In addition to the major awards, you’ll find excellent runners-up choices, and  
a bonus Special Mentions section •  (Part I) •  (Part II).  Ten of the
Special Mention haiku were written by Honored Guests here at f/k/a:

cloudless sky
the baaing
of penned sheep

              –  Carolyn Hall
my father and I
find common ground

                 – Tom Painting

near dark —
the grand hotel drips
long after the rain

                          Gary Hotham
midsummer sun
facing the mountain
I’ll never climb

                     — Pamela Miller Ness


all its leaves fallen —
a tree we were
forbidden to climb
                                        — paul m.

no wind today —
the cottonwoods
speak in chickadee
                                     — Billie Wilson
Flooded plain —
fence tops show which water
belongs to whom
                                 — George Swede

last of the sunlight
cows bounding
                      — Carolyn Hall


After the burial —
my eyes on the shadows
of everything
                             — George Swede

dry heat
a hawk corkscrews
the sky

                 — Tom Painting 

tiny check  dagosan:  is just going to set back, and take it all in —
after spending a few more minutes over at the Nest.

mailbox stuffed
— Valentines
from relatives
                            [Feb. 14, 2004 & 2005]


 cherriesSm   If you came to this website inadvertently, looking for cherry cordial sales or recipes, we apologize.  The AOL search engine keeps returning our dui cherry cordials defense story as its #1 result for #6 at Google.  Please consider giving your beloved a haiku bouquet, instead. 

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