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February 16, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — Feb. 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan“, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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a three-engine freight train

delays lunch —

two stomachs rumble


                           [Feb. 28, 2005]









offering a kiss —

she eagerly shares


                       [Feb. 27, 2005]










a huge yellow moon —

our argument fogs

the windshield 





we all help

blow out the candles —

dad’s 86th birthday


                     [Feb. 26, 2005]






a dear aunt’s cluttered desk —

checking email

from her guest room


                                          [Feb. 25, 2005]










pleasantly surprised

again —

full moon at the window


                                    [Feb. 24, 2005]










middle finger


middle finger





afraid to look

under the bed —

dust dinosaurs sleep

[Feb. 23, 2005] 










history section —

two honest presidents

                                                 [Feb. 21, 2005]









the visiting twin

driving alone

into a snow storm

                              [Feb. 21, 2005]









business lunch

starts with a compliment —

he raises his knife

                                             [Feb. 20, 2005]








digital age:

aging digits

at the keyboard











cirrus clouds and

a dusting of snow —

the midday moon is shedding


                                                 [Feb. 19, 2005]











pink clouds

in the bare oak’s crotch

the street-walker stares


                                                 [Feb. 18, 2005]











travel plans

penciled in*

*winter’s asterisk


                                       [Feb. 17, 2005]




dust on the spine

of each cookbook —

soup can in the sink

                               [Feb. 16, 2005]






where two boys

ice-fished yesterday —

two ducks swim

                                 [Feb.15, 2005]









valentine for

an apostate son —

novena card from mom

                                           [Feb. 15, 2005]           







give her a hand —

a perfect

snow angel

                                 [Feb.14, 2005








mailbox stuffed
— Valentines
from relatives
                            [Feb. 14, 2004 & 2005]










sealed —

the Valentine card

she never sent

                              [Feb. 13, 2005]









honest Abe  —

no one wears his hat

or fills his shoes

                                 [Feb. 12, 2005]




warmed by the sun

lit by the moon —

icy porch steps 

                               [Feb.11, 2005]





valentine sun

warms the kitchen —

tuna melt for lunch

                                       [Feb.10, 2005]









wondering where

they go in winter —

pond frogs and children

                                       [Feb.9, 2005]









can’t reach

the triple-word score —

the dog whines for table scraps

                                          [Feb.9, 2005]






sad chirp of 

the smoke detector —

another low battery

                              [Feb.8, 2005]










the sun sets too slowly —

driving westward

                                       [Feb.7, 2005]




at the sink

squinting at sunrise

and saturday’s dishes

                                     [Feb.6, 2005]










sunset tints

the cloudbank pink —

avoiding yellow snow

                                   [Feb.5, 2005]









can’t take my eyes off

the bird in flight —

wanting to know its name


                                  [Feb.4, 2005]







four Advil

at a time —

caressing the cordless mouse

                                                          [Feb. 3, 2005]





window view

icicle and branch —


                           [Feb. 2, 2005]




in the freezer, 

three starter snowmen —

cloudless sky

                                   [Feb. 1, 2005]

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