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February 16, 2005

potluck light

Filed under: pre-06-2006 — David Giacalone @ 1:12 pm

Another round of hyper-punditry and commentary (here and elsewhere) has once

again left me exhausted and wondering whether I’ll ever learn the lessons my body

keeps trying to teach me.   With my renewed discipline, I shall spare you the details

(but see precursor post), and point to the new tag line in my masthead.  I’ve replaced

“punditry” with “potluck” — which Martin would surely have termed pot au feu.  I

hope the change reminds me to take myself less seriously, and to keep haiku

in the spotlight and center-stage. 


noYabutsSN  From now on, in addition to a haiku entree, look for very brief pointers

to things elsewhere on the Web that interest me.  Expect many of the same topics

that have obsessed ethicalEsq, Prof. Yabut and Jack Cliente.   This won’t be an all-

you-can-eat buffet.  Call it potluck novelle — tastier, healthier, and less fattening.



three meals a day
this trip, living large!
winter storm clouds


flitting butterfly–
after supper, a temple



coming to lunch
on the sleeping man…




the farmer’s lunch
on the scarecrow

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