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February 17, 2005

what Prof. B won’t do

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“tinyredcheck”  Steve Bainbridge has assured his readership that — tip jars and cable-organizer ads

aside — he would not auction off space on his pregnant tummy just to make a few

bucks.   (I don’t make these things up.) 


In the law (and religion) biz, we call that turning necessity into virtue.  With Gov. Arnold ArnoldJunior

being sort of busy, I wonder how Steve would feel about tummy ads, if he were to star

in the sequel to “Junior.”  Hmmmm.


pokerDogsN  It seems that Prof. B won’t be buying any Dogs Playing Poker original

paintings, either.   On aesthetics grounds, on with him — although the old posters have

always made me smile.   Of course, the buyer of the two paintings from the series this

week, for $590,4000, might be counting on this being a smart investment. 

  • “I was intrigued to learn that the artist, C. M. Coolidge is “credited with

    creating the life-size Boardwalk cutouts into which one’s head is placed,

    allowing the person to be photographed as a character or animal.


    “Coolidge was also a banker, shopkeeper, inventor and painter. He even

    penned an opera.”  CNN.com article)

  • You’ll probably only get $10 for your old Poker Dogs poster.


tripping over the dog
night of winter rain

                 ISSA, translated by D.G.Lanoue



A gray dawn —

last night’s poker cards

facedown on the table

                                         Rebecca Lilly, from A New Resonance 2 

                                                            & Modern Haiku XXX:3




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