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February 19, 2005

faint first star

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Such a pleasant Saturday.  Before heading out to a sunny winter day, I just

“strolled” my favorite haiku garden and found one of my favorite haiku poets.


As a result, here are three poems from The Heron’s Nest by George Swede:  “thnLogoF” 



ebb tide
the sand castle moat
still showing clouds





old tombstone
losing its name
faint first star


by the statue
of the polar explorer
lingering snow


George Swede from The Heron’s Nest – a haikai journal


by dagosan:  


cirrus clouds and

a dusting of snow —

the midday moon is shedding


                                                 [Feb. 19, 2005]


snowFlakeSN  potluck


“tinyredcheck”   Frankly, my morning was not all pleasant.   I spent time at MyShingle

“discussing” reasonable contingency fees with Eugene, at a post that had

been about needing to have retainer agreements. (I don’t start these fights.

I just point out the logical responsibilities that go with professional & fiduciary

duties, and the primacy of the client’s, not the lawyer’s interests.)  


tiny check  Mike “Fedster” Cernovich never stops making work for me.  Please

go to C&F and answer his question:  Is a public defender system better for

indigent clients than having assigned counsel?  Or as Mike puts it:  “Is Mr.

Giacalone right?” that PDs are better.


tiny check  Thanks to Bob Ambrogi and Kevin Heller for pointing to Evan D.

Brown’s new Internet Cases weblog — a topic of interest to many of us.



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