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February 21, 2005

in shades of gray

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my father and I
find common ground


storm warning
the watercolorist works
in shades of grey



a skim of ice

above the spillway

quaking aspen




“snowflakesN”  Tom Painting

“a skim of ice” from frogpond XXVIII:1



by dagosan:  

history section —

two honest presidents

                                                 [Feb. 21, 2005]




the visiting twin

driving alone

into a snow storm

                              [Feb. 21, 2005]



“tinyredcheck”  potluck

tiny check The pbs/NOW segment last Friday on the rights of corporations and “corporate

personhood” raises some important issues.  The background story on the Pennsylvania

townsfolk wanting to stop the opening of a stone quarry is compelling.  There are a set of

interesting materials available at the NOW website, including a chart with voices from the the debate

As usual, I thought that Freespace’s Tim Sandefur came off as far too absolutist.  I do like his

honesty at Freespace that night, relating his grandmother’s reaction: “But I thought Tim

was for the little guy!”


tiny check  I visited the Menas at haikupoet.com this morning and was very glad I did. 

Gray can be beautiful.


tiny check  Who would’ve thought?  The very same day that I learned what “pot au feu

means, and used it in a post called “potluck light“, Waddling Thunder had a

post at Crescat Sententia called Pot au Feu, photographically documenting

his pot au feu with beef tongue.  Lot’s of potluck beef and tongue around here, too.



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