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February 23, 2005

dull pencil

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the longest night —
the waterfall’s sound
smothered by ice








haiku notebook
this spring’s seed order
on the last page






dull pencil

    the staff meeting

    goes on and on



the longest night” & “haiku notebook”  WHC Double Kukai Contest (20 Shortlist) 2002/2003

“dull pencil” from New Resonance 3: Emerging Voices




middle finger


middle finger



afraid to look

under the bed —

dust dinosaurs sleep

[Feb. 23, 2005]




 There’s an interesting conversation at My Shingle — Carolyn is “never more mortified”

than when she sees “lawyers trying to shut down legal document preparation services.”  

(see Chicago Sun Times article) Lawyers need to understand that clients deserve low-cost options.

Some consumers must choose the lowest price, others will knowingly take the risk of lesser services,

while others choose full-service or discount lawyers.  If the client really comes first we, can’t deny them

options — indeed, we should help create the options and inform clients about them. 

tiny check  Bravo to Steve Gottleib and Andrea Moran for their ongoing pro bono work helping hat tip small flip 

the homeless to access the justice system.  (Poughkeepsie Journal article, “Law firm steers

needy through legal system, for free,” Feb. 22, 2005)  Bob Ambrogi is absolutely correct: “ it

reflects poorly on the legal profession as a whole that their efforts are seen as extraordinary.

It would be great if ‘lawyers help needy’ were as commonplace as ‘dog bites man.'”

  • Real lawyers do real pro bono and work to directly help clients expand self-help options

    and access to courts.  None of those promotional-trickle-down rationalizations for me.

bulldozerSN  I’ve been pleased to see how much coverage the Kelo eminent domain case has been getting

this week in every media.  I’ve read, seen, and heard (but not podded) accounts that did a good job

presenting the issues in a way easily understood by nonlawyers — and in a way likely to have average

Americans talking constitutional law over coffee.  Publicly useful.


tiny check   If you’re following the Florida Bar’s bullheaded crusade against 800 PIT BULL (see

pit-bully pulpit), you can find Pape & Chandler’s Answer Brief here.

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