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February 26, 2005

the fly resettles

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the fly resettles

in the same spot



a moment of doubt—

looking her in the eye

in the mirror




first warm day–

a tile reseats itself

con the patio



Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2004  

(Red Moon Press, Jim Kacian, ed., 2005)


a huge yellow moon

our argument fogs

the windshield 




we all help

blow out the candles —

dad’s 86th birthday


[Feb. 26, 2005]



tiny check What does the word liberty mean?  Is it as simple as Tim Sandefur suggests  noYabutsSN


tiny check When I saw the Overlawyered headline “Demand for shaker abstinence,” I thought some

zealots had taken over Sabbathday Lake or Hancock Shaker Village and were calling for

stricter enforcement of the Shaker celibacy rules.   No matter what ATLA says, Mr. Olson has

a sense of humor — Warning: Take With A Grain of Salt, While You Still Can.

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