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February 28, 2005

schmittle italy

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If you name it (and spruce up a little), they will come.”

…………………………. metroplexicus

LittleItalyLN Little Italy, Schenectady, NY [original image here]

I‘m sure there are some Schenectadians who think my musings about the local Metroplex Development Authority (as in the post local schmocal) manifest a certain lack of civic trust and hope. So, I thought I’d show my ethnic pride and tell you a little bit about our Little Italy — “La Piccola Italia” — which is one long block called North Jay Street, about half a mile from my home. (Click for Metroplex’s Little Italy General Project Plan.)


  • North Jay Street was once the home of a thriving Italian immigrant population. The children of those immigrants long ago joined the Brain Drain out of Schenectady County, or have moved to the City’s suburbs. A handful of the original immigrants may, along with their devoted offspring, survive on the block. However, I have never seen any signs of life at the remaining half dozen residences.
  • Two years ago, the first prong in the Metroplex plan to “support an Italian heritage neighborhood” came to fruition, when Cornell’s Restaurant moved its venerable and successful operation from another section of Schenectady to North Jay Street, thanks to almost $500,000 in Metroplex aid.
  • One beloved Jay Street bakery went out of business a few years ago. wine
  • The image shown above is the newly completed Little Italy streetscape, crowned by imposing entryway columns, and financed with a $750,000 Metroplex grant.
  • You can find a number of articles about our Little Italy here.

There are no other projects planned yet for Little Italy. Having told you about all there is to know about Metroplex’s Little Italy Project to date, I have two True or False questions for you:

  1. After moving one restaurant to North Jay Street, Little Italy now boasts the following “Italian heritage” enterprises: One restaurant; one bakery; one spumoni shop.
  2. The other business addresses on North Jay Street include: two auto body shops, one boarded-up former strip club (previously a boarded-up Fire Station); one funeral home; one empty, former gay bar; and, at the far corner, a biker bar (called the Saw Mill; no Vespas in sight).

Bonus question: True or False: The owners of the spumoni shop are trying to sell their business and building but may be asking too much money (hey, this is Little Italy!).

p.s. You, too, should feel proud, as your federal tax dollars are also helping to develop our Italian-heritage neighborhood. (Which reminds me of that great “walk-a proud!” joke about Joe DiMaggio.) Think hard and find the answers below.


Answers (you peeked!!). 1) True; 2) True; Bonus: True

Inspired yet? Our local newspaper had some suggestions for Metroplex in a recent editorial (Daily Gazette, “City needs to be aggressive in creating Little Italy,” Feb. 12, 2005, reprinted here at #4)

  • If you happen to be in the region — checking out, for instance, the lovely Little Italy 20 miles away in Troy, NY, come on over to Schenectady’s La Piccola Italia.
  • update (May 29, 2005): scroll down the page to read about Chutzpah in Little Italy.

by dagosan:

mom serves
grandma’s recipes —
Christmas Eve calamari

……………………………. [Dec. 24, 2004]

under nana’s afghan –
dreaming homemade
bread and meatballs

…………………………………. [Nov 30, 2004]

from an overheated room

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it’s over–

slicing his shirt

for the ragbag




overheated room

a scent of mothballs

from the open drawer





family vacation

in the museum corner

uncle’s hard kisses



Roberta Beary from frogpond  XXVII




a three-engine freight train

delays lunch —

two stomachs rumble



in the check-out

express lane

 . . . . . . . . in the check-out express lane

                           [Feb. 28, 2005]


topHatAbe  Frankly, my friend Carolyn Elefant sets the bar too low when it comes to

 attorney dishonesty toward non-clients.  Model Rule 8.4 deems lawyer fraud, dishonesty

and deceit to be “misconduct.”  Carolyn thinks persuading two colleagues to quit

their jobs to join a non-existent law firm shouldn’t even be a disciplinary matter.  

I wonder why Cynthia Sutherin is only getting two-years of probation.  Apparently,

so is her lawyer, who said:

“She’s grateful the hearing board has given her a chance to continue

to practice law.  It’s tragic in terms of its impact on the other people,

but (she) has tried to address the problem.”

Telling big lies to your colleagues and causing them much career disruption is

a very good indication of overall character.  Carolyn is right about one thing,

though: the two duped lawyers seem too credulous (non-diligent?) to be practicing 



tiny check  Has anyone heard whether court-appointed attorneys in Alabama have voted

on their threats to “strike” (to engage in unlawful joint boycotts) in their dispute over

overhead?  (via MyShingle)


“tinyredcheck”  At Legal Ethics Forum, Prof. Brad Wendel wonders about lawyers who recommend

tax loopholes to clients that they would not take for their own firms.   Could be analogous

to doctors who prescribe medications to patients (1) in order to appear to be worth the fee 

or (2) because the patient wants them – – in both cases, fear of losing the customer’s

business underlies the less-than-optimal advice.


tiny check   Happy First Anniversary to RiskProf weblogger Martin Grace.   We predict  “prof grace”

many more good years for one of our favorite weblogs — informative & (often) fun. 

tiny check Marc Chandler has infomed me that the Florida Supreme Court denied the   

request of the Florida Bar for oral argument in their 1-800-PIT-BULL case.   My guess:

dial 1- 800- 2AFFIRM.



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