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March 7, 2005

buzzing under the hay

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phone old potluck — our cell phone blues:

tiny check U.S. politicians don’t have the courage to ban a clearly dangerous activity, that is becoming an entitlement for many drivers (NYT article, March 3, 2005). They also continue with the phony notion (first discussed by me in March 2000 here), that hands-free is safer than hand-up cellphoning. (ethicalEsq weighs in)

tiny check Instead, hands-free car phoning is just as distracting (it’s the distraction that’s the problem!) and allows the irresponsible to find yet more distracting activities to perform while driving. (see NYT, “For Drivers, a Traffic Jam of Distractions, March 3, 2005)

monkey cellphone small Three years after the ban on hand-held cells phones started in New York, scofflaws are everywhere; and some pollyanas are silly enough to think that compliance will improve over time, as opposed to the law becoming harder and harder to enforce (see three years later“, wnyt) Currently, there are so many violators right out in the open, that officers placed on full-time cellphone alert could easily pay for themselves and more.

tiny check big surprise from South Dakota: Cell Phone Companies Oppose Ban On Mobile Phones In Cars

tiny check some school bus companies in Connecticut haven’t yet banned their drivers from using cell phones while driving.

empty farm wagon
a cell phone
buzzing under the hay

lock out . . .
workers burn the editorials
to warm their hands

the homestead cedars . . .
our toy cars follow a dirt road
through fallen needles

from World Haiku Review,

Vintage Haiku from Randy Brooks

March snowfall

wanting more

not wanting more

……………… by dagosan: [March 7, 2005]


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