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March 8, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — March 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan“, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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                  [March 31, 2005]











empty coffee pot

gotta go

gotta go

                  [March 30, 2005]






one small patch

of muddied snow —

the creek keeps rising

                  [March 29, 2005]










her chocolate breath

mingles with mine —

easter sunset






hills behind

snow mist —

tailgater in the mirror






our chilly hug —

ice encircles

the island


[March 28, 2005]




more gray heads

at the easter meal —

withered cattails in the yard








easter monday:

three baskets

late but full


        [March 27, 2005] 




giant chocolate bunny!


or hollow?








when we were kids

it smelled bad —

decorating easter eggs





                                              [March 26, 2005] 



can’t hear

the compliments








Good Friday

the apostate

sees crosses everywhere

                                              [March 25, 2005]








floes jam

below the trestle —

a flood of warnings



                  [March 24, 2005]









the duckling

skirts the ice floe —

our river rendezvous





mom’s voice long distance    

first thought,

who died?


[March 23, 2005]




big thaw overnight –


on the river

                                   [March 22, 2005]








last snowbank —

the soccer ball


                                        [March 21, 2005]










spring arrives —
new snow brightens

old snowbanks


        [March 20, 2005]




frozen river–

snow hides

the elm’s reflection


             from Manichi Daily News

                  March 5, 2005 (No. 669)





I hesitate —

the plumber’s

offered hand






new leaves


savoring the winter view







St. Patrick’s Day —

drawing the

designated-driver straw



[March 18, 2005]






Saints Patrick

and Christopher  —

sharing a brew and a ride


                         [March 17, 2005]







March sunrise —

back pain


                              [March 16, 2005]











first warm day

her pale

gloveless hands                

                       [March 15, 2005]





the lawyer

represents himself —

the widow’s raised fist


                              March 15, 2005

                              Versaci v. Ritchie















where the man

fell in yesterday —

more thin ice


                              [March 14, 2005]









they point out

the differences —

meeting twins

[March 13, 2005]














mid-March thaw —

et tu,

(snow) buddha?







St. Paddy’s parade —

at the curb

green and yellow snow

                                                       [March 12, 2005]












new eyeglasses —

a duck,

or a boot, on the ice 

                              [March 11, 2005]















my childhood barber shop–

only the mirror

is different 

                              [March 10, 2005]











filling the pan

on the radiator —

icicles drip                 

                   [March 9, 2005]












just as slippery

in March —                 

icy roads                 

                         [March 8, 2005]







March snow

wanting more

not wanting more                 

                   [March 7, 2005]







men’s room sink —


the mirror 









March —

those big fat


                                [March 6, 2005]







the dog

gets all her kisses —

chilled by a wagging tail 

                                [March 5, 2005]









saffron flags  

above and below the bridge —

duck feet paddle by










the runner’s vest

blends in  —

through The Gates of central park




               [March 4, 2005]






setting a timer

to remember

to set the timer







first sunny day

in March —

her first smile this month

                           [March 3, 2005]











charming the pretty

bookstore clerk — one more

skill learned too late









winter wind —

i’m tired,

why aren’t you?

                           [March 3, 2005]




path to the river —

“fresh scent” wafts

from the dryer vent







he calls two inches

eight —

embarrassed weather man


                               [March 1, 2005]



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