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March 8, 2005

ready for spring?

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spring breeze —
I teach my granddaughter


tax day —
a battery-powered breeze
stirs the desk chimes





“snowflakeSN”  Billie Wilson from The Heron’s Nest – a haikai journal

spring breeze” and “tax day” vol. VII: 1 (March 2005)



62 candles–

such beautiful memories

of things I regret



     Billie Wilson from  frogpond  XXVIII: 1




just as slippery

in March —                 

icy roads                 

                         [March 8, 2005]



tiny check Thanks to Walter Olson for reminding us to read the New York Times article   “shark tiny gray”

“Go ahead.  Test a Lawyer’s Ingenuity.  Try to Limit Damages.”  Of course, I might have

entitled it “Go ahead. Test a Lawyer’s Ingenuity.  Try to Limit Fees.”  (Cf. our Value Billing or Venal Bilking?)


tiny check  LA writer Peter Miehlman just can’t make a real commitment to see The Gates later this month —

but, he’d like NYC to be ready to set them up again, just in case.  (NYT op/ed, March 8, 2005)  Maybe he

should settle for our coverage, and score a few haiku, too.


“snowflakeSN”  “SnowFlakeSN”

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