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March 10, 2005

recess bell

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icy morning
a small crackling
from the woodstove



recess bell–
frost on the rungs
of the slide



Lenten rose
I let loose
his hand



icy morning– The Heron’s Nest (May 2001)

recess bell– The Heron’s Nest (Feb. 2002)

Lenten rose” – Haiku Canada Newsletter


my childhood barber shop–

nothing’s changed

except the mirror 

                              [March 10, 2005]


2bits  Nancy at Stark County Law Library pointed to an excellent post at Reid My Blog,

where Reid Trautz explains why a rate calculator is worth the effort for a law firm to create and  

is an “opportunity to capitalize on one of clients’ biggest fears:  uncertainty over legal fees.”  

(see the Fee Calculator at Rosen Divorce in NC; and the 2003 ABA eJournal article on the subject).


tiny check Prof. Bainbridge doesn’t think that using the “nuclear option” in the Senate will be

enough to prevent the appointment of imperialist judges (or those who become imperialists

due to the D.C. “Greenhouse Effect”).  So, Steve says “Term limits?  Maybe. I’m starting to

think it might not be a bad idea.”  He link to a Cornell Law School  Newsflash about the

proposal by Professors Crampton and Carrington for 18-year term limits, with justices

revolving off the court thereafter to other positions in the judiciary.   Interesting stuff.  [Of

course, I believe that “judicial imperialism” comes from both extremes of the political spectrum.]


tiny check Chris Bury’s “Closing Thoughts” at Nightline on webloggers, journalists and credibility are  microphoneG

brief but cogent.


tiny check There was interesting testimony yesterday in U.S. v. Andrew Capaoccia, from former office

manager Jerry Forkey.

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