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March 11, 2005

mourning Judge Barnes

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One or twice a year, I read or hear tributes to a man who has died, and I think:  “judgeBarnes”

“I wish I could leave such a legacy, for having touched lives in a positive and

personal way.”  I do not know Rowland W. Barnes, but the words of his colleagues

and friends today, reacting to his death on the bench in an Atlanta courtroom shooting,

gave me that feeling.  Rowland Barnes sounds like the kind of lawyer and judge that I

would be grateful to know as a colleague and to have as a friend.  (see 11alive.com,

colleagues say, “March 11, 2004)


Judge Barnes, it is way to soon for your eulogies; your death is tragic, but your life

surely was not.

  • I learned about Judge Barnes’ death in a particularly webloggish way.

    Checking the “came from” page of my StatCounter, early this afternoon,

    I was puzzled that so many visitors were coming from Google queries for

    “Judge Rowland W. Barnes.”   You see, I mentioned Judge Barnes in a post

     about the Atlanta lawyer-tax-case fee fight, which was before Judge Barnes.

    I then remembered a news alert on the radio about an Atlanta judge being killed

    in his courtroom, and I checked Google News to confirm the victim.


today again
death draws nearer…
the wildflowers

the death bell
tolls at the temple…
winter seclusion



crows ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue

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