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March 12, 2005

et tu, buddha?

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her last breath . . .
the strings vibrating
on her dusty harp




accumulating snow–

oven mitts

praying on the counter






tripod holes
in the creekside mud —
Yosemite dawn



tripod holes” – The Heron’s Nest (May 2004)

“accumulating snow–”  frogpond XXVIII: 1 (Winter 2005)

her last breath” – in mem., Elizabeth Searle Lamb, The Heron’s Nest (March 2005)


                                            bonus:  click here for an M.D.Welch photo-poem  “welch22reading”



mid-March thaw —

et tu,

snow buddha?




St. Paddy’s parade —

at the curb

green and yellow snow

                                                       [March 12, 2005]



noYabutsSN   potluck


 tiny check Yeah, but Where Were the Family Court Judges?  You may have read about

Robert A. Kahn, the potty-mouthed, 67-year-old, Bronx lawyer, who was disciplined

this week for his pattern of insulting and suggestive remarks at the courthouse to female

adversaries, and even clients. (NYLJ article;  NYPost article, March 9, 2005; via LegalReader

Lawyer Kahn thought that beginning therapy for his problem and writing apologies should

merit getting off with a Public Censure.  It is heartening to see that the Appellate Division,

First Department treated this as a serious matter. See Matter of Robert A. Kahn (App.

Div., 1st Dept. App. Court, 2005 NY Slip Op 01668, March 8, 2005), where the per

curiam decision states:

“There is evidence indicating that this pattern of misconduct goes back as far

as 1991. While respondent submits that letters of apology he sent after the

hearing should be considered as evidence of contrition, this expression of

remorse does little to ameliorate the harm inflicted by respondent’s abusive,

vulgar and demeaning comments, directed at female adversaries and young

clients, alike. Though warned by a friend that his remarks were inappropriate

and asked by adversarial colleagues to refrain from vulgarity, respondent persisted

in his course of conduct. Such persistent behavior warrants more than a minimum


I hope that Kahn’s 6-month suspension serves as ample warning to other “funny”  laughing man small

attorney dinosaurs.  But, I have to ask:  Where were the family court judges the past

decade (or three)?  How could they allow these remarks to go on without sending a

prompt message to Kahn that they would not be tolerated?

  • e-Shame Meter:  Today, the first Google result for “Robert A. Kahn” is the 1st

    Dept. decision imposing his 6-month suspension.  I hope this infamy doesn’t rub off

    on Robert A. Kahn, author of  Holocaust Denial and the Law: A Comparative

    Study, a full-time Instructor in legal writing at Brooklyn Law School.


tiny check  After reading an editorial in yesterday’s NYT, “They’re back, and still unworthy,”  Prof.

Dzienkowski at Legal Ethics Forum raises a very good question: why is the President

rewarding judges “who have serious issues about disregard for the law and rules of ethics”

with nominations to the appellate bench? 


tiny check Like Denise Howell and SoCalLawyer, I don’t believe webloggers should be in such

a panic over the Apple v. webloggers case.  I’m also far from certain that the trial

court is wrong here as a matter of law or policy.  I don’t understand why a person

publishing information obtained illegally — especially commercial information — should

be shielded.  What does society gain?  


tiny check My interest piqued by the Tech Law Advisor‘s mention of new N.C. vanity plates  juke box

for Shag Dancing, I had to find out what I was missing.  It sounds like a lot of fun —

at least for those R&B fans who are a lot more limber and a lot less clumsy than I.

Now that my sister lives in southern NC, near Myrtle Beach, I’ll have to find out more.


dotKeyS dotKeyS  Sorry, Steve, there should be two spaces after periods.  One

space is not enough between sentences.    update (March 14, 2005):  I’m pleased to see

that Jaded JD is a two-spacer!   Also, check out my reply to Kevin, Esq. on this topic.

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