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March 19, 2005

wiped clean

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an encore from our newest Honored Guest:

one last look

through the old apartment

a dry sponge

the mirror

wiped clean

for a guest

Palm Sunday

following the plow

to church


………………………… by  John Stevenson from Quiet Enough (Red Moon Press, 2004)



by dagosan:

frozen river–

snow hides

the elm’s reflection

from Manichi Daily News March 5, 2005 (No. 669)


tiny check Is anyone surprised that many teens who promise to abstain from

sex before marriage are using definitional loopholes (think Clintonian) and

contracting just as many sexually transmitted diseases as non-promisers?

(Study: Abstinence pledges may trigger risky sexual behavior, AP/

USA Today, , March 19, 2005) What’s the world coming to? (via


  • How about abstinence after marriage? Isn’t today the Feast of St. Joseph? holy family

    I think of him as the Patron Saint of Involuntary Celibates. I can relate, dude.

tiny check Norm Pattis at Crime & Federalism is right: Judge Dorsey was far

too lenient in sentencing Connecticut Governor Rowland to merely one year for

his acceptance of illegal gifts . (courant.com, “Rowland Sentenced: One Year,”

March 19, 2005). To my mind, so-called “public service” and the related “public

trust” should usually be a reason to increase a sentence, not to decrease it.

tiny check Please don’t miss our tribute to Sol Linowitz immediately below.

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