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March 24, 2005

a bit behind

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easter snow

a piece of egg shell

in the sandwich








a fat horse

gallops with the others

a bit behind











swaying branch

the warbler’s song

rises and falls






“easter show” from A Piece of Egg Shell (Magpie Haiku Press, 2004)

“a fat horse” & “swaying branch” from “something to sing about”, pawEprint 58 (2003)






by dagosan 

floes jam

below the trestle —

a flood of warnings



                  [March 24, 2005]



Capoccia Scandal Update [D’oh! file]:  The Bennington Banner reports that Howard Sinnott,

Andrew Capoccia’s former partner “teared up telling the jury he expects to be disbarred

for his crimes.”

“Seeing what I’ve done, I’m not sure I have, um,” he said, pausing and

looking down, “the character to practice law.” Sinnott pleaded guilty in

February to two felony charges of interstate transfer of stolen funds.

(Bennington Banner, “Sinnot takes stand in fraud trial,” March 24, 2005)

We argue here, that the “debt reduction services” cash-cow that created the illicit Capoccia-  jailbird neg

Sinnott bankroll should have been stopped in its tracks five years ago, averting this major



“tinyredcheck”  Shame-o-meter:  I don’t know if Romolo Versaci will be deterred by e-shaming from pursuing

meritless vendettas against vulnerable adversaries, but I hope you will remember his case.  Before

he decided he had to protect his reputation from an online reference to him as a “so-called lawyer,”

Attorney Versaci’s only internet presence was a listing in a lawyer directory.  I just Googled

Versaci”>, and the directory listing is now the 72nd result, behind 71 links related to his much-

derided defamation lawsuit.  Are we learning any lessons out there?


tiny check haiku pointer: check out Paul and Mary Mena’s photo-haiku combo on “signs of spring.”


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