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April 3, 2005

something blooming

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    gentle rain

the new seabed

 smoothed over








spins a mid-

   life crisis









   something dead,

something blooming

    spring breeze






    a blue ceiling

where the roof-beams

    have collapsed



–  from Presents of Mind, haiku and illustrations by Jim Kacian
(Katsura/Red Moon Press, 1996).



–  2 PM: No new haiku yet today: my block, neighborhood,

favorite park, and more are being flooded by the Mohawk River

 My favorite backyard tree (giant, ancient, gnarled) has fallen

into the River, crushing another favorite, too (a tiny evergreen that

always reminded me of a living scarecrow).  My senses are over-

whelmed.  I better “get” a couple haiku out of all this! —


-10 PM:

such thick roots —

the flooding river 

topples our giant oak


                            [April 3, 2005]


tiny check The New York Times has a thoughtful editorial on John Paul II 

today. (April 3, 2005) It’s final words:

“johnPaul2” “The pope always believed that human values, not

numbers, were what mattered. His embrace of each person’s innate

dignity was his touchstone, allowing him to shape our times

even as he railed against them.”

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