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April 5, 2005

permanent ripples

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spring breeze

my dead grandfather’s rocker

creaks on the porch








around the eyes

of the old fisherman

permanent ripples










a friend dies . . .
    the surrounding mountains seem
    taller and closer








on the old snow shovel       cherry blossoms




George Swede from Almost Unseen (Brooks Books, 2000) 

except: “a friend dies” – The Heron’s Nest (March 2002)





tiny check  Evan Schaeffer is four days late with his April Fool’s posting.  joker vert

He has fun describing a tragic end to LexThink.  Part of me wonders, though,

about joking that named individuals have died, given the everlasting

nature of web searches and the inability of many Americans, as shown on

Evan’s website,  to recognize satire (especially when the dateline is not April 1).


tiny check  Well, my daily dose of Daily Whirl is apparently gone forever —

I was referred to Daily Rotation this morning.  Thanks again to aggregation

pioneer Robert Helmer for the fine service.

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