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April 7, 2005

coins in the cup

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no one to tell
the alpine sky heavy
with thunderclouds

the road home
a star too bright
to be a star











a spring wind
coins in the cup
of a sleeping beggar

paul m
“no one to tell” – acorn
“the road home” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2003)
a spring wind” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2000)


bonus: two from Roberta Beary:



my son speaks a secret

i always knew











family picnic

the new wife’s rump

bigger than mine



“blackout” — Modern Haiku (Winter-Spring 2005)

“family picnic” – favorite senryu award, modern haiku 34-3

mom’s arthritis

acting up —

I take two Advil

[April 7, 2005]


boxer smf I agree with David Post at Volokh Conspiracy that David Brooks wrote an

excellent op-ed piece on Tuesday reminding liberals that they are weaker for

not having intense argument over “first principles” (NYT, “A House Divided,

and Strong,” April 5, 2005). I believe liberals are too quick to ostracize

those who do not conform to every part of their political platform, and too

slow to think about questions of political philosophy. They/we should indeed

listen to Brooks:

“If I were a liberal, which I used to be, I wouldn’t want message

discipline. I’d take this opportunity to have a big debate about the

things Thomas Paine, Herbert Croly, Isaiah Berlin, R. H. Tawney

and John Dewey were writing about. I’d argue about human nature

and the American character.In disunity there is strength.”

tiny check Very good news for those who research legal ethics: sunEthics now has a

Subject Index archives of its prior news summaries.

tiny check Did this judge plan it this way? “JUDGE’S NEGATIVE COMMENTS


see sunEthics, Gonzalez v. State, ___ So.2d ___ (Fla. 4th DCA, 3/30/2005).

tiny check Having seen the statistics from the latest ABA survey on lawyer discipline laughing man small

complaints, Norm Pattis wants to crack down on frivolous complaints against

lawyers. As you can see in the Comments, I’m skeptical.

tiny check I’m glad to see that some courts are restricting online access to domestic

relations files. There needs to be serious public debate on what information

about individuals should be freely available through government websites —

before the horse’s behind is out the barn door. See E-LawLibraryWeblog re

Hamilton County, Ohio.

tiny check Speaking of coins in a cup: You can still help Prof. B. pay that insurance

deductible from his auto break-in (and see his continuing tale of agita with USAA).

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