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April 13, 2005

in praise of inside voices

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moving day

the dogwood tree

in full white bloom








warm sea

we swim into the phosphorescence

lightly touching 








oval frame

a woman curves

around her child



Peggy Lyles, from To Hear the Rain (Brooks Books, 2002)  LylesRain



  •  dagosan                                               


first good

porch-settin’ day —

her outside voice at the door



[April 13, 2005]



tiny check  At LEF, Prof. Andy Perlman is fretting over misleading Law School Promotions.

At least one commentor is skeptical (guess who).


tiny check  Yesterday, Bob Ambrogi alerted the blogosphere to the problem of censorware

blocking weblogs. He was shocked to learn that he was being blocked as an

“e-commerce” site that could possibly be a source of weapons and lingerie.  Bob’s

Comment feature was not working today, so I could not remind him at his site, that

he did indeed have a lingerie ad on his website, back in October 2004, when he asked

whether weblawgs should use BlogAds.   At the time, I left a Comment opining in the

negative, and noted that there was an ad for x-rated lingerie at the bottom of that very

Comment window.  (see some of our discussion here and here)


monkey cellphone small It seemed mildly amusing in theory, when it was first announced last September

(see GeekNews), but the tv ads now appearing for Orange cellphones that have ringtones

comprised of various Chewbacca vocalizations, have activated my curmudgeon gene.

How many times will I have to hear it before it stops being cute?  (less than 3, I bet)


tiny check  Speaking of common courtesy, you can click for words and audio of Geoff Johnson’s

song “Inside Voice.”


“tinyredcheck”  At his Legal Ethics [We]Blog today, Ben Cowgill focuses on the “substantial

growth in non-meritorious bar complaints” in Kentucky between 1998 and 2003.   Check out

the comments for my argument that the numbers don’t look very significant, and the focus in

Kentucky should be on improving the bar discipline system from its 48th place finish in HALT’s

2002 Report Card



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