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April 14, 2005

he pedals faster

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spring wind
he pedals







spring-like day
the cat grapples
with a catnip bird







last of the sunlight
cows bounding


Carolyn Hall from The Heron’s Nest (Vo. VI, 2004)



by dagosan:  

snowman’s hat

in the muddy field —

the hatless scarecrow


                              [April 14, 2005]



“tinyredcheck”  npr’s Morning Edition had a segment today (April 14, 2005) that was

inspiring — “Stanford Students Tutor Service Workers on Campus.” 

The Habla la Noche program is “a student-run organization whose

mission is to increase English-language literacy among adult workers

on campus and to create a connection between campus workers and



tiny check  Before he left on yet another vacation break, my weblog friend Martin

Grace was good enough to respond to our request for input on a poll

question concerning congressional veto over Supreme Court decisions. 

Thanks, to the RiskProf for a thoughtful response.  In passing, Martin

questioned my referring to the concept of “fundamentalist” Catholics.

A quick Google search for

600 results.  The phrase seems to be used by liberal-to-moderate folk to

refer to ultra-conservative (darn-sure-they’re-right-about-what-God-

wants) Catholics.

  • The nonliberal Baptist preacher, Dr. Jack Hyles said “A fundamentalist

    is one who believes in the faith and practice of the original purposes

    and doctrines of an institution.” For him:  ” If you follow the faith and

    practice of the original intents of the Catholic church, you are a fundamentalist

    Catholic and go back to [Constantine in] 313.”  If Catholicism went back

    even further — say to 33 A.D. — I might re-enlist.  

  • headline for a BBC online news article. 

  • And, Martin, don’t be so sure there aren’t Catholics who take the

    seven-day creation story literally.  I’ve met a couple.

We’re #4!   Speaking of Googling, this website has turned up as the #4

result in a number of queries that ended up on my Refer page already this


how does George Globe light his grill>  #4 of over 69,000 in a

Yahoo search.


cafeteria Catholic>  #4 of 209,000 in a Google search


Debt Reduction horror stories>  #4 of 592,000 in Google Search


shaming>  #4 of 229,000 in a Google search.


The #1 result for “cafeteria catholics” is a very derogatory webpage from

ConcernedCatholics.org.   You’ll find a comparison to “lukewarm Catholics”

on the same page.

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