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April 22, 2005

sidewalk ants

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lake without a ripple

I pocket the smooth

skipping stone










empty baseball field

a dandelion floats through

the strike zone









stepping on

sidewalk ants     the boy

everyone bullies




(Brooks Books, 2000) 



by dagosan:  

first-date stroll

April tulips

still closed tight

                                                       [April 22, 2005]


tiny check Give ‘Em More Choices: The Federal Trade Commission and Department of 

Justice urged the Texas Real Estate Commission to reject a proposal that would turn

back the clock by prohibiting the unbundling of real estate brokerage services

FTC & DOJ said the move would restrict consumer choice and raise the price of real

estate services, forcing them to take a mandatory package of services — including 

negotiation of the purchase price and multiple listing.  (FTC press release, April 21, 2005)


tiny check Yesterday, the Illinois Supreme Court concluded that a mortage company   courthouse1

does not engage in the unauthorized practice of law when it prepares a document

for its own use and charges a separate document-preparation fee for the service.

King v. First Capital Financial Services (Docket Nos. 97263. April 21, 2005). It 

said that it is the character of the conduct — here, the pro se preparation of the loan

documents — not the charging of the fee that determines whether the conduct is UPL.

It’s a good decision, but HALT makes a little too much of it here.

tiny check   A few days ago, we mentioned that this website seems to be coming up as the

fourth result in a lot of searches.  Yesterday, there was another goody:  We were #4

of 5,310,000 in the Google query the word ‘blog’ is short for> (see our post “the

word blog — our Language Legacy“).   On a more serious note, it was quite gratifying

to be the #1 result for “lawyer’s” “Fiduciary responsibility”> (see this post).


pickup g The newest edition of Roadrunner Haiku Journal is now online.   In addition

to our Guest paul m., you’ll find haiku from 10 other fine haijin in Roadrunner V:2.


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