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April 23, 2005

the courage to speak to her

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no sign
where two roads meet
iris blooms







spring rain
a bruise on my arm
from donating blood







evening walk
a merry-go-round turning
in the fog








cherry blossoms
today the courage
to speak to her




paul m   from the heron’s nest — a haikai journal    “THNLogoG”

no sign”  “evening walk”  “spring raincherry blossoms


– find three more haiku from paul m. in the newest Roadrunner (V:2) –


by dagosan:  

rainy Saturday —

the chirping robin

needs a date, too

                              [April 22, 2005]


tiny check  Thanks to Marshall Camp at jd2b for pointing to the f/k/a piece on
law school promotional tactics and standards.


tiny check   jd2b also pointed to a recent Washington Post Career Track column

that is a must-read for college students thinking about going to law

school.   In a review of the book Should You Really Be a Lawyer?,

by D. Schneider and G. Belsky (2004), Mary Ellen Slayter lists some of

the most common traps that applicants fall into as they march mindlessly

toward law schools without figuring out their own motivations, adding up

the true cost, assessing realistic job options if saddled with large debt, or

seeking out unbiased and experienced opinions about law practice.  “First,

Make a Case: Is Law School for You?” (Wash. Post, April 17, 2005)

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