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April 28, 2005

mba, ambrogi and mean old me

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The venerable Bob Ambrogi has taken issue with my treatment of the Massachusetts

Bar Association in the post “bar & guild.”  See LawSite‘s In defense of the Mass. Bar,

(April 28, 2005).  Click here to see both Bob’s statement and the Comments that I left

in response.  (thanks to Lisa Stone for the link).




packing away the scarecrow
grandpa says
his respects



Kobayashi Issa, translated by David G. Lanoue  




microphoneG Our Fool in the Forest friend located another podcast skeptic at Sploid, and George

is correct — “hilarity ensues”.   This old podriah is grinnin’.


doubleheader: Wilson & Kacian

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Together at last:  Billie Wilson from Alaska and

Jim Kacian from Virginia:



alpine meadow-
kneeling to photograph
white heather







warm beer–

heat lightning flickers

beyond the outfield





missing you–

the farrier’s hands

calm the mood mare







“warm beer”  frogpond XVII:2 (2004)

“missing you” frogpond XVII:2 (2004)

“alpine meadow”: The Heron’s Nest (Oct. 2000)




ooh flip




first date–

she lets go of my hand

by the monkey cage







calm evening
the ballgame play-by-play
across the water







the place i can’t reach itches your absence




“first date” Snapshots 10

“calm evening” & “the place” – TAO





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[sorry: I didn’t write any haiku today;

blame Ambrogi for the distraction]



[April 28, 2005]




tiny check  Noting CourtTV’s challenge to the total ban on cameras in courtrooms in New York State,  tv

Norm Pattis at Crime & Federalism is very down on Entertrials — but, he uses overbroad

arguments he would never accept if his own or his clients’ rights were being limited.  Forty-three

states allow tv cameras in court, and the NYS Bar Association filed an amicus brief supporting

CourtTV.  (see: AP/NYNewsday article; and Rochester, NY Democrat & Chronicle, editorial:

“Allow cameras in New York courts and the U.S. Supreme Court,” April 28, 2005)  Opponents

keep citing polls where lawyers and judges say cameras changed their behavior.  Given our notion

that most judges and lawyers would prefer to avoid being e-shamed of themselves, I’ve got to

wonder if their behavior got worse or better in front of tv cameras. 


tiny check  Carolyn Elefant writes about the occasional loneliness of the solo practitioner, and points

to a column offering some advice.  Carolyn admits she’s more of a loner, but still can miss

interacting with colleagues.  I’m pretty gregarious, and not having an office filled with

colleagues and staffers was a big downside for me in my years as a solo.  Luckily, my

practice got me to Family Court a few times a week (where I was soon reminded of the

pluses of solitude).


ooh neg  More Referer MadnessMore curious search engine results from my Referer Page

(or, is there a pattern here?):

curmudgeons> f/k/a is #1 in this Yahoo search, out of 91,000 results, due to our post


Ayatollah Khomeini Salmon Rushdie fatwah> we’re #2 in a Google search, thanks

to our ringing defense of Yusuf Islam, f/k/a Cat Stevens.


lawyers day>  #1 of 35.5 million results in a Yahoo search, because we wrote


Ron Baker value pricing>  our expose ron baker & price sensitivity placed us #1  

of 35,000 results in this Google Search.


“tinyredcheck”   Can antitrust law learn from the field of “complexity science“?   That intriguing topic is

of Antitrust to be held June 20, 2005, at the National Press Club, Washington DC.   You can find links to

related papers and books at the newly-created Compexity Page in AAI’s Guide to Antitrust Resources on the Web. [Note: Attendance at the limited-space Roundtable is currently by invitation, but will be opened, if

space is available.  If seats become available, I will let you know.]



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