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April 30, 2005

behind the clouds

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empty cabin —

the old sweater

hangs on a nail








mid-term exams
the leaky fountain pen
in his pocket







spring evening
knowing a new moon
is behind the clouds




empty cabin” – 5th choice, WHC R. H. Blyth Award  2002

mid-term exams” – WHC Tournament 

spring evening” – Robert Spiess Tribute, March 2002




  • by dagosan                                               

the nine-year-old’s

best shoes

the puddle-covered sidewalk


[April 30, 2005]



honest  Books that Overpromise:  I wonder why the Deception Police have never

gone after self-help books that fail to produce the promised results, or novels

sold with jacket-cover praise that is clearly (in retrospect) unwarranted.  A new

title I spotted at my local library got me wondering — How to Change Anybody:

Proven Techniques to Reshape Anyone’s Attitude, Behavior, Feelings, or Beliefs,

by David J. Lieberman, PhD.  The book jacket says Dr. Lieberman offers “simple

behavioral strategies that work every time,” and the book tells you how to:

* Make anyone more loyal
* Eliminate prejudice in anybody
* Stop passive aggressive behavior forever
* Infuse anyone with more self-esteem and confidence
* Eliminate self-destructive behaviors in anyone
* Make a wallflower into a social butterfly
*Turn a lazy bum into an ambitious go-getter
* And much more!

Like, if only!  I wonder how many brides will take a chance and put the book on their

wish list.


tiny check Today, Mike Cernovich takes a thoughtful look at the legal issues raised in Doe v.

Miller, which upheld residence restrictions on sexual offenders, which he also

discussed yesterday (as did we).   If you haven’t taken a look yet at the sentencing 

posts by Prof. Douglas Berman , now would be a good time.


tiny check  John Steele points to his spouse’s knitting weblog today.  He seems puzzled by the

fact that hers gets five times the visitors as does his Legal Ethics Forum.  Welcome

to the real world, John.  At NonaKnits, you’ll find a wise post asserting that “Adversity

is not necessarily a bad thing.”

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