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May 10, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — May 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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strangers on

  my park bench . . . . . . . . . . . . from over here

                                                   a whole new river


 [May 31, 2005]






                  memorial —

the protestor’s reflection


                                [May 30, 2005]





unofficial start

of summer —

parkas huddled ’round the grill

                                                                          [May 29, 2005]





complaining all day

about the rain —

the mosquitos and I

 [May 29, 2005]






— goslings    goose     gander

glide downstream





staring at the dessert cart —

four lovely coeds

at the next table


 [May 27, 2005]



window view —

all grays 

and one blooming lilac bush





leaving her place —

a hug

you’d give a friend


                              [May 26, 2005]











today, untoasted —

slowly chewing

whole wheat bread


             [May 23, 2005]








last week of May


the winter quilt


     [May 23, 2005]











unseen bird

keeps repeating itself —

“you talkin’ to me?”









meeting the new

upstairs tenant

feet smaller than they sound



[May 22, 2005]







come on,

you’ve got to see the . . .

!!!  decapitated tulips !!!


                                       [May 21, 2005]












the widow’s

dead rosebush

such big thorns



           [May 20, 2005]










behind a school bus —

cotton clouds speed by

                  [May 19, 2005] 








trespassing — 

three pink tulips

in an unkempt yard  



[May 18, 2005]










mid-May window —

overnight the shade trees

stole the river


                              [May 17, 2005]












the fallen blossoms —

soon, just another tree









month’s half over —

taking the last

migraine pill



[May 16, 2005]





“was daddy

mean when he was little?”

uncle bites his tongue










bocce balls —

three generations choose sides 


   [May 15, 2005]




telephone wires sway —

pigeons stay put

while a squirrel _______________ scoots


                [May 14, 2005]











zoo peacocks

in full array — the shirtless

fat man reads Shakespeare


         dagosan [May 13, 2005]





blossoms past their peak —


blind date              


                       [May 12, 2005]






cherry tomatoes

on toothpicks — a vapor trail

spears the midday moon


         [May 11, 2005]










almost late   

to see the dentist —

flossing twice as long


                                           [May 10, 2005]









Saturday sunset

four geese fly by


               [May 9, 2005]








that spanking she gave

to the wrong twin —

all the other days


         [May 7, 2005, for Mama G]












driving home for

Mother’s Day — her smile

and her bursitis

                         [May 7, 2005]








the guys show

snapshots of their kids —

the bachelor’s tight smile



[May 5, 2005]


his dusty cookbooks:

soup can

in the sink






picnickers fleeing 

a slate-gray sky —

lilacs aglow


          [May 3, 2005]





temper tantrum

at the mall —

parking lot saplings bloom

[May 2, 2005]  








she shows off her   

May Day drawing —

every pink crayon a nub

[May 1, 2005] 







taking turns being first

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in the dentist’s waiting room

    tulips with their petals

           tightly shut










spring flood

two wooden shoes float by

taking turns being first






lightning flash

crows sitting under

the scarecrow







after the rain

a white butterfly

on the clothesline



“in the dentist’s waiting room” & “spring flood” – from Almost Unseen (2000) 

“after the rain” from Haiku Moment (B Ross, ed, 1993) ; Inkstone I:1 (1982)

“lightning flash” – Haiku MomentHigh Wire Spider (Three Trees Press, 1986)





by dagosan:  

almost late   

to see the dentist —

flossing twice as long


                                           [May 10, 2005]

potluck – competition stew

openHouseSN  Prof. Hurt at Conglomerate Blog is pleased, as are we, that the

Department  of Justice seems poised to sue the National Association of Realtors for

bylaws that appear aimed at stifling competition by discount and unbundled brokers

(e.g., not allowing realtors to share inventory with brokers charging less than

the local standard fee).   We recently noted a joint FTC/DOJ submission to

the Texas Real Estate Commission with similar concerns that competition and

consumer choice is being restrained (purportedly to protect consumers — sound

familiar?).  Click here to find a website that offers a home seller many levels of

service, at prices far below the full-priced, full-service broker.[via LEF]


tiny check The gang at the American Antitrust Institute has been very busy lately:

  • AAI filed an amicus brief in Monsanto v. Scruggs, saying that it raises

    vital issues about the relationship between patent law and antitrust law.

    The brief is by Fordham Law School Professor Mark R. Patterson, and

    it is focused on the “question of whether a patentee should be allowed to

    use license restrictions to exercise and maintain long-term control over and

    maintain long-term control over downstream markets.”

  • On May 4, AAI posted an important Debate over Vertical Restraints

    and Antitrust Law.  The debate was started by an FTC staff paper, which

    was critiqued by three AAI advisors (Comanor, Scherer and Steiner). 

    The FTC staffers then offered their reponse, and AAI’s crew gave a reply.  

    AAI is more optimistic than the FTC staff that enforcement against vertical

    restraints can yield benefits for competition and consumers. [“Vertical

    restraints” take place between buyer(s) and seller(s) and “horizontal restraints”

    are between competitors.]

tiny check  Prof. Bainbridge doesn’t like the way wineries are competing for the  fragile glass

growing “girlie wine” market –seems so tacky and tasteless. (via George M. Wallace).

Prof. B, usually a free-choice kinda guy, wants to protect women from the abomination

of drinking immature and inferior wine. “You vill trink quality red wine, und like it!”


tiny check  Competing for Souls:  At his other sight, I imagine Steve Bainbridge will

be posting soon to decry Nicholas Kristof’s op/ed piece today.  Kristof suggests that

the Catholic Church needs to change its total opposition to birth control measures, or

face a Re-Reformation in Latin America.  (NYT, “Catholic Devotion, Doubts,” May 10,

2005).   At the rate it’s going, the self-proclaimed One True Church is going to fit into

a Very Small Cafeteria.   Pretty soon, we might be able to put a leaf or two in the Last

Supper table, and seat all the “Faithful.”    Who’ll get Mary Magdalene’s seat?



tiny check   What happened to the New York Times Link Generator?  Does NYT have a

new competitive strategy online that will sink the Link Generator and make us pay for

everything in their archives?

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