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May 14, 2005

may is flowering

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ice flecks

on azalea buds

the koi go deep







good morning kiss

wing beats

of the hummingbird



(Brooks Books, 2002)







flowering peach tree —
eighteen thousand haiku
slowly savored







an avalanche roars

down Thunder Mountain–

first crocus



“flowering peach tree –” – WHC Shiki Haiku Poems Contest

“an avalanche roars” – A New Resonance 3; Haiku Headlines (April, 2002)




  • by dagosan                                               

telephone wires sway —

pigeons stay put

while a squirrel _______________ scoots


[May 14, 2005]




Blackberry Winter:  No, it’s not the anticipated holiday gift-gizmo

sensation for Christmas 2005.  The term is new to me, although probably

familiar to my Southern friends.  It’s “the opposite of Indian Summer,”

which I Googled today, after experiencing two nights of frost.  I had

expected something like “Whiteman’s Winter,” but Blackberry is better,

as is the alternate dogwood winter.  As they explain at Dave’s Garden:

“Similar to blackberry winter, a dogwood winter is a term

used by Southerners to describe a period of cold weather

that coincides with the blooming of the local dogwoods.

“Typically the trees
bloom sometime between mid-April

and mid-May (depending on the weather variations of the

season) and such a cold spell is often the last winter-like

weather of the season.”

I’m not complaining about the coldsnap.  Blackberry Winter has yielded

gorgeous afternoons and put off the inevitable heat and humidity of

summer in Schenectady.   Since George M. Wallace has certainly read

Robert Penn Warren’s novelette Blackberry Winter, perhaps he could

give us a literary footnote or two on the topic.


trashman small  Disbarment has been recommended for three Boston lawyers

who are accused of using deceptive, unseemly tactics to obtain evidence of

a judge’s purported bias against their clients.  Read details in the Boston

Globe (May 13, 2005).  Over at Legal Ethics Forum, Prof. Brad Wendel

is trying too hard to give the lawyers an excuse, saying (without having read

the 229-page opinion) that “the lawyers probably thought they were just being

creative.”  Brad also suggests it’s”ironic” that the lawyers involved were “prominent”

and two have held legal positions focusing on ethics.   In my experience, neither of

those characteristics seems to have much to do with avoiding the hubris or other

defective attitudes that lead to unethical lawyer conduct. 



“tinyredcheck”  “Santo Subito!”  Pardon my brashness, but it is difficult to take

a religion seriously that is as heavily into the cult of personality as the Catholic

Church has been over super-star John Paul II.  Fast-tracking canonization (the

official declaration that someone is a saint and residing in Heaven) has, to be

diplomatic, very little to do with making the world a better place or individuals

more saintly or ethical.  Who says these guys won’t change their rules? 

  • The Mircle Police will now be investigating claims that John Paul

    interceded to procure a miracle.  I’ve never quite understood the

    notion of asking a dead person to ask God to do you a favor (nor

    of asking God to give a dead person a break).  I believe we’re all

    loved by the Creator and can talk to her/him/it directly.  Also, if we

    are judged for the way we live our lives, having lots of friends

    praying for us should be irrelevant.  It’s what you do, not who

    you know.   Just my humble opinion.


tiny check Many thanks to haijin Ed Markowski for pointing me to the reprint at bat neg 

of “Play Ball!” that is available at the e-journal Simply Haiku (Sept./Oct. 2003). 

It is a collection of thirty baseball-related haiku written by the venerable poet and

editor Cor van den Heuvel.  Spread over ten pages, each page features a grainy,

oldtime black-and-white photograph with a baseball theme.  (The book, published 

by Red Moon Press, 1999, is reviewed here.)  Even non-fanatics like myself will be

delighted.  Or your money back.


tiny check Gearhart e-shaming update:  I continue to hope that the prospect of being e-shamed

(having your conduct described on the internet) will help deter unseemly lawyer conduct.   

Five days after Eric Muller quoted  his offensive and juvenile email at IsThatLegal?, I


conduct (with links to this weblog, Muller’s and LEF).  Are we learning any lessons in self-


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