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May 17, 2005

new leaves

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empty sandals

on the beach

pull of the moon

























Carolyn Hall  from Haiku: A Poet’s Guide, by Lee Guruga.

“sept-” Mariposa 5 (2001, a reflection on Sept. 11); “into” – Acorn 5 (2000)

“empty sandals” The Heron’s Nest 3:5 (2001); A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices



this side up  I recently razzed MansfieldFox for taking the name Haiku in

vain.  The least the “Haiku Police” can do is suggest a very practical

yet enjoyable guide to understanding what makes a poem a haiku and

what makes for good haiku.  I unequivocally recommend poet-editor

Lee Gurga‘s Haiku: A Poet’s Guide (2003) for anyone wanting to

become a better haiku reader or a haiku poet.  I wish I would stop

spending so much time on the non-haiku side of my weblog and spend

more time absorbing and practicing Gurga’s advice. 


You can get a taste for Gurga’s writing and insights, at the Haiku World website,

which has posted a chapter from the book called “Writing and Revising Haiku.” 

As for folks who think haiku is about form rather than substance, Lee laments:

“Things have not changed appreciably since Harold Henderson

observed more than thirty years ago, “experience has proved

that beginners, unless they know at least something about Japanese

standards and conventions, are apt to produce poems that have no

relation whatever to haiku except in form.” . . .


“The number of people who are aware that haiku is not simply a

form has risen dramatically, but it sometimes seems that the number

of people who are not has risen even faster.”

Naturally, the Guide will help you understand the substance and spirit of “real”




by dagosan:  

mid-May —

overnight the shade trees

stole the river view


                              [May 17, 2005]



tiny check Prof. Martin Grace doesn’t waste time — he’s already responded to Prof Grace

The Stick I handed him last Friday, offering an interesting peak at a Risk-geek’s reading

habits.  You’ve got to love a professor who can still recite Mr. Brown Can Moo.”

Can you?


tiny check Creatively dubbing the practice Rapunzelling, LawGirl has made some suggestions

for law firms that would probably make our Decloaking campaign and Kevin Heller‘s

decloaking offer unnecessary.  So, listen up firms, and treat your associates with

respect. (via Point of Law)  I wonder if RiskProf can recite Rapunzel, too.


microphoneF Since I don’t listen to podcasts, I missed Evan Schaeffer’s announcement yesterday

about redoing his weblog.  Today, it is renamed Evan Schaeffer’s Legal Underground

[yeah! no brackets] and Evan explains more about why he is reconstructing the site.

For one thing, he notes that there was just too much weblog — and that important folk

might think he wasn’t devoting enough time to lawyering (I hope he doesn’t blame that

rascal Prof. Yabut).    Around here, all the guys hope Underground stays pretty much

the same — with Evan-the-polymath-host attracting guests who are interesting and amiable. 

Good luck to the new ESLU.

  • Thanks to the magic of Google, I just learned that ESLU is an

    insurer  f.k.a. Excess & Stop-Loss Underwriters, Inc..  It was

    involved in a res judicata decision that outraged the good

    people at SecretLaw.com.

tiny check Thanks to MyShingle (which has a great new look) for pointing to an interesting article microphoneG

concerning one Western NY law firm, Cellino & Barnes, suing another firm, Moran & Kufta

for mentioning on its website that C&B was being investigated by the State grievance

committee, and linking to a news article on the topic.   (“Lawyer vs. Lawyer Over Website,”

ABA e-report, , May 13, 2005; Rochester D&C, May 4, 2005).  C&B is suing under a State

civil rights provision about using a person’s name in an advertisement without permission. 

Count me among observers who believe that the website section in question should not be

considered advertising, and that M&K has the constitutional right to discuss news about a







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