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May 26, 2005

we enter our terrible two’s

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Just about everybody who’s anybody has already had his or her
2nd (or third) weblog anniversary.  Nonetheless, I can’t let May 26th
pass without noting that:
  • two years ago today, the first ethicalEsq post appeared
  • one year ago today, f/k/a was born, with haikuEsq taking boy writing flip
    over as Editor, and Prof. Yabut forced into emeritus status
    (a new no-punditry policy was also announced, but temptation
    soon proved too great; see About)
Last May 26th, we even made a good faith attempt to join in the spirit of
the Annual Grump Out.  Happily, no one told us they moved the event to
May 25 for 2005, and we inadvertently missed it. Despite any zen-ny haiku
pretensions, we’re still card-carrying members of Curmudgeons-R-Us.
prof yabut (small) I don’t know whether weblogging is caused by a gene or a virus, but
I surely have the malady.  I’m grateful the technology came about at a time when I
was searching for a way to be productive (despite health problems), and when
I had a lot that I wanted to say about the legal profession and about the wonders
of haiku.  A couple dozen regular visitors would have kept me going, but I’m
most grateful to have many times that number.  Similarly, finding a couple of
great haiku poets to share with you would have felt like quite an accomplish-
ment — but, as of this week, there are two dozen of the best English-language
haijin appearing here everyday and archived for repeat enjoyment.
crawl and laugh–
from this morning on
a two year old!

translated by David G. Lanoue
Our terrible two’s will bring you more of the same (hopefully, without tantrums),  boy writing
and we may even have a few new tricks. Thanks again to all the search engine
folk who make it easy for inquisitive strangers to find our unique blend of legal
ethics, potluck punditry and haiku advocacy.  Thanks to my weblog colleagues
who give me their inspiration and their links.  (especially you, you, you, you, you,
as well as you, and you plus others too numerous to mention at 3 AM). Most
of all, thanks to our guest poets and to our loyal visitors (especially the handful
of frequent commentors) for making the f/k/a-ethicalEsq experience so rewarding
for Your Editor and all the alter egos who inhabit this space.
blowCandlesN . . and one for good luck!


  1. Hi. It’s “you” here.

    Congratulations, and you’re welcome!

    By the way, if your first post appeared two years ago, aren’t you entering your terrible *threes*?

    Comment by Evan — May 26, 2005 @ 1:15 pm

  2. Hello, You-Who!  Thanks for stopping by again, Evan.
    As to your “terrible two’s” question, are you trying to provoke me into being crabby?  This weblog is definitely entering its third year of existence.  However, as you well know, it is two-year-olds who are in their “terrible two’s.”   I’m certain you already have plenty of parenting books around your child-filled household, but I’ll still point you here for tips, in case Baby Sam or f/k/a is acting up this year.  Distraction. Separation. Explanation. Compromise. Punishment.  Hmmm.

    Comment by David Giacalone — May 26, 2005 @ 1:45 pm

  3. Hi. It’s me, another “you”. [Gee, double-you!]
    More congratulations. But what all the other lawyers really want to know is: has f/k/a had a negative marketing impact on your practice? Has this sort of comment had a negative impact on f/k/a? When will the haiku podcasts start? (Haiku podcasts would be very short, wouldn’t they?)
    Best wishes for your coming year of bloc notes, as they say in France, and for many more.

    Comment by George Wallace — May 26, 2005 @ 2:04 pm

  4. Thanks for the good words, George.  I almost double-you’d you, as the proprietor of two very different websites.
    Don’t tell the weblog-marketing-cheerleader$, but I haven’t earned one penny since starting to write my weblog.  Nada dime.   And, that’s despite all those very good Google results. 
    As for haiku podcasts, you know that’s not going to happen.  Of course, in most haiku readings, the poet reads the haiku twice, to help the audience catch it.  Now, you’re talking a lot of syllables. 
    I had not heard about “bloc notes.”  I just checked it out, and want to remind readers that there is officially a hyphen between the words:  It is bloc-notes.  And, of course, the abbreviated form bloc  has some big advantages over [I speet eet out] “blog.”  For one thing, “bloc” is an actual word in French, and not one suggesting losing one’s lunch.  Also, “bloc” has the added meaning of “a block” — as in houses or countries.  The community nature of the word adds a nice connotation.  [Of course, in Quebec, “bloc” is used in a phrase — “mal de bloc” — that means headache.] (Note: everything I learned about the French language, I learned in the past hour.]
    Thanks for leaving your Forest so often to visit f/k/a!

    Comment by David Giacalone — May 26, 2005 @ 3:41 pm

  5. Hi David,
    It’s hard to believe that all of our bloggers, you and me have known each other for two years. We’ll have to start having reunions some day! In the meantime, Happy Anniversary and keep on posting!

    A loyal shingler-reader, Carolyn

    Comment by Carolyn Elefant — May 26, 2005 @ 9:59 pm

  6. Thanks, Carolyn.  You’re still the only weblog colleague that I’ve met in person.  I’m glad I got to meet you last June.

    Comment by David Giacalone — May 26, 2005 @ 11:23 pm

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