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May 30, 2005

day for reflection

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Please have a thoughtful and grateful Memorial Day:




old tombstone
losing its name
faint first star


        George Swede 

          from The Heron’s Nest 






missing in action

she dusts off his guitar,

returns it to the shelf


       Randy Brooks

          from WHR Vintage Haiku










strewn driftwood

a boy asking

about his father

paul m.





war footage

on this plump green olive

a thin, brittle stem


              Ed Markowski 

               from Haiku Sun 





Memorial Day-
overwintered in the sandbox
             toy soldiers


             Tom Clausen










peace rally

a forgotten scar

starts to itch


          Tom Painting   

             from tug of the current





news of his death

the cigarette smoke rises

straight up

                        DeVar Dahl from New Resonance 3










their gravestones

hers newer and taller

than his


        George Swede from Almost Unseen









I close my eyes

for a second look


     John Stevenson from TAO








               memorial —

the protestor’s reflection


             dagosan  [May 30, 2005]





window neg  potluck

tiny check The Fool in the Forest remembers the Civil War dead and

presents an Emily Dickinson poem that begins:

It feels a shame to be Alive —
When Men so brave — are dead —
One envies the Distinguished Dust —
Permitted — such a Head —

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