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June 1, 2005

surprise gifts

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Now that The Heron’s Nest is a quarterly, it is a big event around THNlogoG

the haikuEsq household whenever a new edition comes online.

So, we recommend that you head over for the gourmet haiku

buffet in the June 2005 THN — twelve pages of bite-size, fat-free

and nutricious poems.


Among many other of f/k/a‘s Honored Guests, DeVahr Dahl is

represented in the latest THN journal, with this reminder of

a season left behind:  



scotch mints —
the squeak of my walking stick
in packed snow





Here’s another pair of haiku from DeVar:




paper cut —
the origami bird
flaps its wings








long week

a firebug walks

the rim of a glass




scotch mints” – The Heron’s Nest (June 2005)

paper cut” – World Haiku Review (R. H. Blyth Award  2002)

“long week” – from A Piece of Egg Shell (Magpie Haiku Press, 2004)


  • by dagosan                                               


surprise gifts

on a June morning —

smiles for the tardy Santa

                          [June 1, 2005]




tiny check  Need a little diversion?  Head over to the LPOP Collection —  bike sketch

Law In Popular Culture — at the U. Texas Tarlton Law Library. 

You’ll find information and materials on how the profession is

portrayed in the our modern culture — novels, posters, movies, tv,

quotations, and much more.  N.B. Not Billable time.


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