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June 11, 2005

bashful batters? seventh-inning kvetsch?

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.. . .  potluck

tiny check (Ex-)Judge Coleman’s Comeback:  I haven’t thought about former
Albany, NY, City Court Judge, Cheryl F. Coleman since she inglor-
iously resigned from the bench last summer.  But, this evening, brief
ads announcing her comeback appeared on our local ABC tv news
affiliate, WTEN.  The commerical calls her an award-winning defense
attorney and prosecutor and ends with ”if you need a winner, she’s a
fighter who’ll fight for you.”  Cheryl Coleman’s story is a good object
lessons for lawyers trying to find their place in the legal profession:  Do
what you enjoy and are good at, not what you (or others) think is
the right career move, or the badge of success.
ooh Coleman became a judge in January 2002.  By March 2003, she was
in the news for, in the words of the Commission on Judicial Conduct,
“improperly assert[ing] the prestige and influence of her judicial office
during a personal dispute between respondent and four women at a
[rock] concert at the Pepsi Arena in Albany, which resulted in the
arrest of the four women.”  Meanwhile, courthouse hands were compiling
a litany of tales about the rude and intemperate conduct of the testy ex-
prosecutor on the bench.  The CJC complaint said that, in one incident,
“during the course of an arraignment of a defendant on felony and misde-
meanor charges, respondent was impatient, discourteous and undignified
toward the defendant, and summarily sentenced the defendant to 300 days
in jail for ten counts of contempt.”

boxerSignNF Faced with formal charges, Judge Coleman tendered a Letter of Resignation
on June 10, 2004, and a Stipulation was filed that same day, which was
accepted and the proceeding discontinued on June 21, 2004 (see Stipulation,
with Letter, Decision).  Until Googling tonight, I had never seen Coleman’s
Letter of Resignation.  Although she doesn’t admit to any wrongdoing or
even mention the charges, Coleman engages in embarrassing soul-searching
about the traits that made her a good lawyer but not a good judge. After
talking about “qualities which had made me so successful as a lawyer,”
Coleman states:

“In the beginning, my instinct was to confront, to cross-examine,
and to meet disrespect with sarcasm or confrontation. My inability
to back down when confronted, both on and off the bench, made
some question whether I was right for the job

“Over the last several months, I have made peace with myself by
acknowledging who I am, and who I am not. I am not a judge;
Not really.”

boxerSignN I hope Commission Counsel didn’t demand such public self-assessment.
I can’t believe Coleman’s veteran defense lawyers would advise her to say
such things in a Letter that would be made public and placed on the internet.
They do not seem to be words that would help rebuild a career as a tough-
minded criminal defense lawyer.

I wish Cheryl Coleman well as she attempts to return to practice doing what
she does best.   I wish she had never given in to the temptation (whether from
outside or within) to be a judge.  Let’s hope other lawyers will learn from her

Meanwhile: ooh
I must be suffering from BBS — Bashful Blogger Syndrome.  I just can’t seem to
start writing the piece that’s been sloshing through my mind all day on potty parity
and the new requirements for public restrooms in New York CIty.  (click here to
hear yesterday’s All Things Considered on the Women’s Restroom Equity Act,
June 10, 2005; see Newsday, “Bloomberg signs potty parity bill,” June 6, 2005)
Just in case you hate waiting as much as the supporters of WREA, I’m posting a
trio of haiku/senryu featuring baseball, by Barry George.
curving left
oh! curving even farther left
the whiffle baseball
retired Reds scout –
still eyeing the field
through dark glasses
my nephew’s fastball –
I hand back his glove
and keep the sting
“curving left” – Modern Haiku 23.3
“retired Reds scout” – Mayfly #23
“my nephew’s fastball” –  bottle rockets #11

flea market —
dog and master
marking territory
[June 11, 2005]

dagosan’s scrapbook — June 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

 – click here for dagosan’s archive



a piroutte

in her new swimsuit —

standing ovation





the tailgater 

won’t budge —

my middle finger twitches



[June 30, 2005]












by summer sweat —

you’re still gone







one week without

booming bass below —

the blare of “Jeopardy”

          [June 29, 2005]







for a wedding ring —

seeing she has one








sticky, hot and hungry:

five politicians

at my front door


[June 28, 2005]




one bee and

a gardenful of roses —

on line at the ice cream truck



[June 27, 2005]



windows open —

the neighbor’s hound pup

alone and howling


[June 26, 2005]







95 degrees

the refrigerator

sweats, too









perspiration rolls

across flat abs —

her innie



[June 25, 2005]





moving day —

house and kids

left behind





winding road 

under the influence 

of a strawberry moon



[June 24, 2005]









stuck behind a school bus

two yellow jackets

hitch a ride


                               [June 23, 2005]  







too much tongue

the taste

of the popsicle stick











gully washer —

the car’s still dirty



                               [June 22, 2005]  








summer solstice:

there’s no

shady side of the street








trying to write

one new haiku —

a giant wasp circles my head


  [June 21, 2005]   







one hawk glides

over I-90 —

tires find the rumble strip


[June 20, 2005]









stooping to find

the dropped pill — 

the bachelor’s unwashed floor    


                          [June 17, 2005]     










forgetting the name

of the pretty one —

the tip of my tongue


                                [June 16, 2005]   








from nextdoor,

“go play outside!” —

a wasp skims our bedside lamp 


                                        [June 15, 2005]









the fireflies

are no-shows —

mosquitos keep working

 [June 14, 2005]


the pretty girl’s

sunburnt face —

bald spot under my straw hat


 [June 12, 2005]










mid-river there’s

one duck quacking —

dateless saturday night


                 [June 12, 2005]








flea market —

dog and master

marking territory


           [June 11, 2005]  








her perfectly-displayed


trying not to stare


               [June 10, 2005











mid-June midnight

twenty degrees cooler

outside her house

                               [June 8, 2005]  






june morning

clammy pajamas

before the alarm








june evening

the thunderstorm

cools things down

             [June 7, 2005]




my eyes blur —

dandelion clocks

make sidewalk clouds                

                                     [June 5, 2005]




moonless night 
on the river 
the Goodyear Blimp floats by

          [orig. July, 2004; edit June 5, 2005]




the delivery truck’s late –

hungry birds

chirping all day   


                      [June 3, 2005]





the screwdriver slips —

freon hissing

through freezer frost  


[June 2, 2005]












surprise gifts

on a June morning —

smiles for the tardy Santa

                          [June 1, 2005]

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