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June 11, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — June 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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a piroutte

in her new swimsuit —

standing ovation





the tailgater 

won’t budge —

my middle finger twitches



[June 30, 2005]












by summer sweat —

you’re still gone







one week without

booming bass below —

the blare of “Jeopardy”

          [June 29, 2005]







for a wedding ring —

seeing she has one








sticky, hot and hungry:

five politicians

at my front door


[June 28, 2005]




one bee and

a gardenful of roses —

on line at the ice cream truck



[June 27, 2005]



windows open —

the neighbor’s hound pup

alone and howling


[June 26, 2005]







95 degrees

the refrigerator

sweats, too









perspiration rolls

across flat abs —

her innie



[June 25, 2005]





moving day —

house and kids

left behind





winding road 

under the influence 

of a strawberry moon



[June 24, 2005]









stuck behind a school bus

two yellow jackets

hitch a ride


                               [June 23, 2005]  







too much tongue

the taste

of the popsicle stick











gully washer —

the car’s still dirty



                               [June 22, 2005]  








summer solstice:

there’s no

shady side of the street








trying to write

one new haiku —

a giant wasp circles my head


  [June 21, 2005]   







one hawk glides

over I-90 —

tires find the rumble strip


[June 20, 2005]









stooping to find

the dropped pill — 

the bachelor’s unwashed floor    


                          [June 17, 2005]     










forgetting the name

of the pretty one —

the tip of my tongue


                                [June 16, 2005]   








from nextdoor,

“go play outside!” —

a wasp skims our bedside lamp 


                                        [June 15, 2005]









the fireflies

are no-shows —

mosquitos keep working

 [June 14, 2005]


the pretty girl’s

sunburnt face —

bald spot under my straw hat


 [June 12, 2005]










mid-river there’s

one duck quacking —

dateless saturday night


                 [June 12, 2005]








flea market —

dog and master

marking territory


           [June 11, 2005]  








her perfectly-displayed


trying not to stare


               [June 10, 2005











mid-June midnight

twenty degrees cooler

outside her house

                               [June 8, 2005]  






june morning

clammy pajamas

before the alarm








june evening

the thunderstorm

cools things down

             [June 7, 2005]




my eyes blur —

dandelion clocks

make sidewalk clouds                

                                     [June 5, 2005]




moonless night 
on the river 
the Goodyear Blimp floats by

          [orig. July, 2004; edit June 5, 2005]




the delivery truck’s late –

hungry birds

chirping all day   


                      [June 3, 2005]





the screwdriver slips —

freon hissing

through freezer frost  


[June 2, 2005]












surprise gifts

on a June morning —

smiles for the tardy Santa

                          [June 1, 2005]

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