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June 21, 2005

hello, summer (please keep your cool)

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Well, we didn’t make it to Stonehenge’s summer solstice festival, and

weren’t even up for the sunrise today.  But, the f/k/a gang always knows

how to celebrate the seasons: with an extra helping of haiku, of course.


In addition to today’s featured poet, Canadian haijin DeVar Dahl, we’ve

invited Rebecca Lilly, Yu Chang and Kobayashi Issa to our solstice party,

with dagosan providing the snacks.



sultry day

a swallow runs its beak

across the pond





hawk flight



long summer day

a hawk holds its place

between the clouds






this heat
words written in the dust
on the shed window


“long summer day” – New Resonance 3: Emerging VoicesPresence 15 

“sultry day” – A Piece of Egg Shell (Magpie Haiku Press, 2004); WHC WorldHaikuRev. I:3

this heat” – WHC Shiki Haiku Poems Contest



the sky colors
of dawn have changed
to summer clothes







stitching together
the short summer nights…
singing frogs



ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue 










A clear hot day

the silence

behind the butterfly








Afternoon warmth–

a soft breeze curling

falled peony petals




(Birch Prees Press, 2002)





deeper in the petunia

summer heat









stepping out

with my holey socks

summer stars



 Yu Chang, from  A New Resonance (1999)

“bumblebee” – Acorn I



  • by dagosan                                              

summer solstice:

there’s no

shady side of the street



trying to write

one new haiku —

a giant wasp circles my head


  June 21, 2005]                                                                 waspN



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