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June 25, 2005

yes, it’s hot enough for me

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midday heat

one petal of the red poppy







another hot day

an old man scratches

his lottery ticket







drinking alone

bottles of liquor

aligned by hue



“midday heat” from “Summerday, Puget Sound,” a haiku sequence

“another hot day”  – pegging the wind; Haiku Canada Newsletter XV:3

“drinking alone” – frogpond XXVIII: 2 (2005)


  • by dagosan                                               

95 degrees

the refrigerator

sweats more, too






perspiration rolls

across flat abs —

her innie



[June 25, 2005]


BankRobbers   potluck

Hot Chicks?  A string of bank robberies around Schenectady, NY, were 

apparently solved yesterday, when a bank employee followed two culprits

and directed police to the getaway car.  Not big news, except that the suspects

are a pair of women, Donna Rogers, 55, and Fern Kathleen Sherman, 57, who

are pictured above.   See AP/NBC3 and Albany Times Union,  June 25, 2005.

Given the location of the apartment they shared in downtown Schenectady,

County Jail might be a bit cooler on this scorcher (95 degrees, “feels like 106”)

  • Although Prof. Yabut is always on the lookout for a woman in an

    interesting, challenging occupation, for a possible long-term

    relationship, he’s going to pass on this pair, despite their living

    so conveniently nearby.

  • The weather is keeping us indoors today, so we’re missing the Festa

    Italiana in Schenectady’s Central Park.  Take a virtual tour here.

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