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June 27, 2005

david giacalone: haiku and senryu (2004)

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— below are haiku and senryu written by this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone.  They first appeared on the f/k/a homepage, under the name “dagosan”the unedited daily offerings from dagosan can be found in his  “scrapbooks” by going to the dagosan archives page —



sleet turns to rain –

snow buddha’s visit

cut short

                            [Dec. 31, 2004]






one smirking


one hatless scarecrow


                                [Dec. 30, 2004] 









children awash

in christmas gifts —

tsunami on tv


      [Dec. 28, 2004]







coins inside the walnuts –


cracking a smile
                              [Dec. 27, 2004, for Grandpa Bart] 










cross words over turkey

over parenting —

the Yule log burns

                              [Dec. 26, 2004]











a sleigh-shaped cloud

floats by –

Christmas morning blue sky   

                                                        [Dec. 25, 2004]    






Nana serves

Grandma’s recipes —

Christmas Eve calamari    

                                                        [Dec. 24, 2004]       











two-hour backup —

just past the accident,

Christmas Eve rainbow







wrapping and


she pastes on a smile

                                             [Dec. 22, 2004]






married a decade

she hides

the mistletoe



married a decade

he buys

new mistletoe

                                                     [Dec. 20, 2004]











wind chill zero

outside the high school

not one jacket zipped

                                   [Dec. 18, 2004]








3 am nature call–

the nagging drip

of icicles

                    [Dec. 17, 2004]













fogged window –

too cold

meets too hot

                                   [Dec. 15, 2004]




winter wind

rattles the windows –

the fridge hums louder


                                   [Dec. 14, 2004]










birthday phone call –

your triple bypass

trumps my bad knee


                                            [Dec. 13, 2004]






waiting room –

the masked man

brings his own magazine

                               [Dec. 11, 2004]




eyelid lightshow —

he hits the snooze button

one more time

                              [Dec. 10, 2004]








Sunday morning


for one



a single


– hold the toast







two strawberry blondes

lean into the wind –

cattails lean with it                                        

                                          [Dec. 4, 2004] 





snow falls

from a low gray sky –

she lifts the sauce pan lid


                           [Dec. 3, 2004] 




a favorite tree

reflected in the river –

made me look again

                                            [Dec. 2, 2004]











the river mirrors

the busy bridge –

one duck races the cars

                                            [Dec. 1, 2004]




under nana’s afghan –

dreaming homemade 

bread and meatballs

                                                   [Nov 30, 2004]











the shower massage

finds her navel –

Buddha smile                                

                                    [Nov 23, 2004] 






rainy night drive —

squinting at glare 

through dad’s eyes

                             [Nov 21, 2004]








clogged drain–

300-pound plumber

under the sink


                                        [Nov.20, 2004] 











sitting to meditate-

toilet and nose

start to run

                        [Nov. 15, 2004]



waving from the river bank

waving back


               [Nov. 13, 2004]







handful of pawns

protect the king –

Veterans Day

                              [Nov.11, 2004




even lovelier


backyard elm


                 [Nov. 10, 2004]    











almost sunset –

mottled clouds

blush at my stare 

                                [Nov 7, 2004]  







election over

dirty laundry



                 [Nov. 4, 2004]









candy for goblins

disappears early —

sneaking out to buy more


                                [Oct. 28, 2004]










Hunter's Moon sm:

Lunar Eclipse [and World Series] Sequence



eclipse tonight —

no cover

no rain date


full moon

encircled by clouds

— awaiting the hunter






floating in the river

Hunter’s Moon



wow, it’s orange!

tawny, she corrects

_ _ Blood Moon







out of the




                            [October 28, 2004]




first night at her place –

three-dog gal

no-dog guy

                         [Oct. 26, 2004]












toilet seat up –


suddenly chilly

                          [Oct. 25, 2004]






another stray dog



                    [Oct. 23, 2004]











the silent crew scull –

coach’s angry bullhorn          

                                                 [Oct. 19, 2004] 




cold fingers —

sitting on my hands

before touching hers                       

                                              [Oct. 18, 2004]








first date:

she groans with pleasure

. . .  at my pun

                            [Oct. 20, 2004]









the stale air

of an old man’s home —

opening my front door

                                       [Oct. 21, 2004]










health food store:

unnatural sneeze

in the candle aisle

                                    [Oct. 16, 2004]









expecting rain,

smiling at

the blue sky

                            [Oct. 14, 2004] 







Columbus Day trip

red and yellow crayons

turn into stubs


                                          [Oct. 12, 2004]





waking too late

to see the dawn

– he pencils-in sunset

                                           [Oct. 7, 2004]








blinds open

to the midday sun –

summer’s gone                   

                     [Oct. 1, 2004]






just before

the pale orange moon

a bright orange sky

                                [Sept. 28, 2004]










harvest moon

over Wal-Mart —

schlepping groceries    

                                           [Spet. 26, 2004]












no coffee brewing

no scent of love —

the hermit wakes


                                            [Sept. 25, 2004]








visiting mom and dad —

faces and refrains

gettin’ old


                                  [Sept. 22 & 26,, 2004] 







last day of summer –

the old cat naps

in the sunny window         

                                        [Sept. 21, 2004] 











caught hiding the stash –



                                           [Sept. 19, 2004]






street closed

for the Saturday Faire

the only sound is rain


                                           [Sept. 18, 2004]




October peonies –
still perfect
from the curb  

[Sept. 15, 2004]




supine at noon

sunshine spotlights

one big toe

[Sept. 14, 2004]




a breeze! 

a draft!

the window fan stirs debate       


                                    [Sept. 13, 2004] 

the double amputee


[Sept. 11, 2004]










first day of school

bus stop horseplay 

wakes the empty-nester


                              [Sept. 7, 2004]









the mosquito mugging

                                  [Sept. 3, 2004]






Labor Day

the parade starts and ends

at the mall


                         [Sept. 2, 2004]





ancient snapshot

their last smiles

for the camera


                         [Sept. 1, 2004]









soap-stung eyes —

an eight-year-old’s face

flashes in the mirror


                                        [Aug. 28, 2004] 




just below

the “riverview apartment” —

ten ripe garbage cans


                                        [Aug. 27, 2004] 












honking at my window —

geese above

cabbie below

                        [Sept. 19, 2004]













sleepless night

she won’t stop

leaving me alone            

                                        [Aug. 21, 2004] 








clock tower with crescent moon

—  only the moon

follows us home                           

                 [Aug. 20, 2004] 









typing stops —

laptop activist

gets off his butt                          

[Aug. 17, 2004]




their babies

never cry

never stop crying

[Aug, 25, 2004, for Dafur’s victims]      






the garbage bag lands —

squirrel and I 

startle eachother









to-read list

and summer corn

growing, growing


                         [Aug. 12, 2004]

                                 Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 











     passing on a sharp curve —

take a deep breath

[Aug. 8, 2004]



waking, the agnostic asks

who dried the dishes

and hung that sun? 

                                   [Aug. 6, 2004]

                                           Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 











a good pout

rudely interrupted

by impatiens

                          [Aug. 5, 2004]





a welcome smile

from the past —

obituary photo












old dog and master


for the tiny spot of shade



                  Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 









the unset alarm clock –

late for church again





waking from a young man’s dream

last night’s body

creaks and groans






in bed 


with a nagging back








July escape –

pensioner parked

      in front of a fan










at my bedroom window 

the garbage truck    














the old man stops

at a green light

driving into the sunset                       





jaws clenched













mottled gray sky


grow louder                        [7-15-04]












false dawn

the paperboy hits

the snooze button                        [7-14-04]







empty punchbowl:

husband and wife

avoid the mistletoe










arm too short

hand too wide —

the space between sink and stove            [07-12-04]













moonless night — 
above our yard 

the Goodyear Blimp


frog and I


the mosquito





the late-riser

stays for an encore:

eyelid lightshow






by the old guy 

in the men’s room mirror                 









the holiday starts

like any day —

toilet flushes                         [07-04-04]









children’s voices rise

one neighbor frowns

one smiles                          [07-03-04]








follow fireworks

                          [07-02-04, for e.m.]





“maintain tunnel speed”

a heavy foot is
suddenly light

                                           [dag, 07-01-04]  









then helicopter —

highway patrol







new paperback – –
the sun sets 
without me

                      [06-29-04; The Heron’s Nest  (March 2005)] 





soccer novice 
practices his footwork: 
daughter teaching dad










summer blockbuster

fireflies outdo









comparing aches 

before the show —

senior organ recital

                               [06-23-04, thanks r.n.]  








her dimpled smile! 

no exclamation point 









fireflies join

the solstice party








summer’s here!

worked up a sweat






guest room

old friend
on an old mattress







it’s pink! it’s purple!

sunset inspires 

    more bickering

                             frogpond, Vol. XXVIII, #2 (2005)





full tummies
and empty bladders
not for long





have you
finished this page yet,
fly on my thumb?





storm alert
every kind of cloud  
in one sky

    [06-02-04;  Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) ]  




“All-U-Can-Eat” sign
a vulture discovers  
the roadkill deer 




gold star nana   
holds one small hand
remembers another




New Guinea   
dad rather not 
talk about it



butterfly’s birth

– the unpacked swimsuit smells

of moth balls

                     [dag, 05-14-04]

her due date

we hug 

       on an angle –

                               [dag, 05-07-04]

the dogwood blooms:

a fat lady on tiptoes

enhales deeply

                         [dag, 05-01-04]


parka on its hook –

a Spring day colder

than it looks




earth’s birthday:

recycling our Valentine




hardboiled eggs:

one peels easily

one doesn’t




colder than my fingers –

first day of Spring





noticed that tree until
this sunset



almost dusk
driving while distracted
by tree after tree


winter twins – –

which tree blossomed

last Spring?

                   Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 



mom’s genes:

coffee-talk about


……. dag, 02-12-04]

frozen waves

hello-goodbye along

the icy river



digital age –

at the keyboard watching

aging digits





the early alarm
is quickly forgiven:
pink-cloud morning 




waiting undressed
to meet the new doctor
cold feet
                        [01-27-04 (thanks, Alice]



waking alone 
the morning after:
dirty dishes



cloud-covered twilight   
re-setting the printer    
to grayscale



never knew   
the name of that alley:  
new eyeglasses



afghan warming  
on the radiator —  
brilliantly misplaced

                                             [ 01-11-04]




she lures me to the kitchen  
peeled tangerine
                                     Tug of the Current (HSA,
2004 Members’ Anthology)




warm enough 
to linger at the river 
year-end bonus


white to pink– 
who painted the clouds while 
we shopped for wine?
                                  Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 




through sleepy eyes: 
a crow glides past the window
then the hawk




lips and tongues
our traditional Christmas




married ten years
nobody looks for
the mistletoe





blue sky
behind bare branches
year-end bonus 
                                   Legal Studies Forum XXIX:1 (2005) 


a perfect cloud floats past
the window-framed sky —

typing stops



alone –
warm laundry

                [06/12/04, The Heron’s Nest (March, 2005)]




first glimpse
of the just-lighted tree
full moon parts the clouds




poking a cold nose
from under warm blankets
the squirrel and I





scraping the windshield
first snowfall without you
and our garage



crows flip



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