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July 31, 2005

missing Lissa’s party: yu & I

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8th birthday –

she wants a diamond

and new cleats


            – uncle dagosan





Sigh.  Lissa’s 8th Birthday party is taking place today, and I’m three

hundred miles away.  So, I can’t give her a big hug, nor share a delicious

cake with many of my favorite relatives. 



with Lug, 1998 – larger


Whether she’s hanging out with Lug (the Buffalo Bison), silly-dancing,

or sharpening her baseball skills, Lissa Giacalone is a very special niece.  

Happy Birthday, Sweetie, from Uncle David!


Fellow Schenectadian Yu Chang is helping me celebrate eight years watching

Lissa grow and glow. 






pink clouds

between the boulders





she leans

a little closer

ladybug on my palm







starlit sky

the call of crickets

here and there





windless day –

kissing snowflakes

on her hair



(May, 2005) larger in color



red envelopes

the sound

of children’s laughter









with Lug, 2003 – larger






I count

my blessings



Yu Chang from Upstate Dim Sum 2003/I & 2003/II


                                                                                                                   7th Birthday – larger





we all help

blow out the candles —

dad’s 86th birthday

                                  dagosan, Feb. 26, 2005



  potluck pundit: the lid’s on in July                                                                                                 girlSliding   


July 30, 2005

lookin’ good

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the crowd pressess

to look in –

zen garden






Laurie garden

orig. by laurie hyde smith




a few floors down

in another building

someone else looks out







just past the church

I clean my glasses






our turn

to stand here –

falls overlook



Tom Clausen from Upstate Dim Sum (2003/I )


another summer


orange daylilies



[July 30, 2005]



closedSmN  potluck pundit: the lid’s stayin’ on in July  


July 29, 2005

lost in a field

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after the argument


the antique marionette







in a field of sunflowers
the sun






sultry night

the winning run scores

on a wild pitch




“after the argument” – mayfly spring 02

“lost” – from tinywords July 8, 2005



fasting for a blood test —

the phlebotomist

puts down his doughnut




cute receptionist —

handing her

a Medicaid card


                [July 29, 2005]



potLidG   potluck – the lid ‘s still on in July  

“tinyredcheck” Good news: the newest edition of Roadrunner Haiku Journal

[V:3, Aug. 6, 2005] is already online.  Along with fine haiku from a number

of haijin you can’t find at this website, there are three from “our” John Stevenson,

including this gem:


her hug

makes me think about

what’s in my pockets


In addition, Roadrunner launches a new Special Feature with “paired poems”

from two renowned haiku poets:

“The first installment of Roadrunner’s Special Feature showcases five

sets of paired poems by Robert D. Wilson and Anita Virgil from their

forthcoming book, Come Dance With Me.  These remarkable poem

pairs show a new development in collaborative verse which can only

be described as extraordinary.



                                                    click for Bar Advocate materials iceCreamCone3 

July 28, 2005

the croaking begins

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tai chi:
     the swaying
          porch swing






summer dusk

the ice cream man

reaches deep







river restaurant
halfway through the fried frog legs
the croaking begins



tai chi” – World Haiku Ass’n bio

“summer dusk” – tug of the current: rma 2004 ; mariposa 10

river restaurant” – World Haiku Ass’n bio; Haiku Headlines (June 2000)



cooler after the storm —

a smile from

the neighborhood scold


                [July 28, 2005]



napper gray sm potluck – the lid ‘s on in July  

                                                                                                                                          – click for Bar Advocate materials  iceCreamCone3N


July 27, 2005

a few loose grapes

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we walk in silence

a sea stone

not there at high tide







sailboat gray small





first wildflowers

the striped tail

of a garter snake






lingering heat . . .

a few loose grapes

at the bag’s bottom


we walk in silence” – Roadrunner Haiku Journal V:2

“first wildflowers” & “lingering heat” – Simply Haiku, (July 2003)




  • by dagosan                                               

one more

razor nick —

she kisses the whiskered cat


[July 27, 2005]



potLidN  potluck – trying to keep the lid on in July  

                                                                                                                                          – click for Bar Advocate materials  “shark tiny gray”


July 26, 2005

slumped on the veranda

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sultry morning
the child’s rag doll
slumped on the veranda





the longest day
slowly the cat
licks each paw






midsummer sun
facing the mountain
I’ll never climb         



Pamela Miller Ness from The Heron’s Nest – a haikai journal

sultry morning” (Sept. 2003); “the longest day” (Aug. 2003)

midsummer sun” (Valentine’s Issue, Special Mention, Feb. 2005) 


  • by dagosan                                               

July heatwave —

the hardhats moan

about lukewarm coffee


                     [July 26, 2005]


“napperGraySmN” potluck – trying to keep the lid on in July  

                                                                                                                                      – click for Bar Advocate materials –




July 25, 2005

good memories in western massachusetts

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Your Editor slipped into Western Massachusetts yesterday — not

to chastise some shady lawyers, but to find a shady spot at Tanglewood

for an afternoon concert by the Boston Symphony, featuring Pinchas



I can’t remember ever spending a more enjoyable time outside.  Perfect (and

bugfree) summer weather; the company of two of my very best friends and

their extended family; people-watching fun; beautiful music across the field;

intervals in peaceful repose, or reading The Innocent, Harlan Coben’s newest

thriller; and painting-perfect cloud puffs slowly sailing by.  Then, we ended the

evening celebrating three August birthdays with some sinful chocolate cake. 

A performance that will be hard to beat — even by Carolyn Hall.



leaning back

in their chairs

old friends reunited






L’Apres-midi d’un faune

the brass section

empties their horns



fiddle bow



starless night

she knows he is

one of her sons



L’Apres-midi d’un faune” & “starless night” – Frogpond XXVIII:2 (2005)

“leaning back” – A New Resonance 2: Emerging Voices; Frogpond XXII:3


by dagosan:  

lawn seating —

we hear

the clouds float by 


                          [July 25, 2005]


napper gray sm   potluck – the lid‘s back on  in July  


                                                                                                                                                                              original at Tanglewood


July 24, 2005

from her boulder

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mountain butterfly

   from her boulder

      to mine




moonrise . . .

cattle single file through

the narrow pasture gate





early morning cool

men in hard hats gather

on the last patch of grass


“early morning cool” – the loose thread: rma 2001Modern Haiku XXXII:1;  

“moonrise . . .” – the loose thread: rma 2001; tundra 2

“mountain butterfly” – herea glimpse of redRMA 2000; Modern Haiku XXXI:2

  • by dagosan                                               

[too much punditry – no new poem today]


reprise from a year ago:

July getaway —

pensioner parked

      in front of a fan

                                             [07-22-04]                                                       bulldozerSN

July 23, 2005

does Bar Advocate = Irresponsible Lawyer?

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The last thing I wanted to do this weekend is to break my July respite from

commentary in order to focus on a group of lawyers who are again making

the profession look bad.  But, this is too important and urgent to let slide:  

The majority of lawyers taking assigned counsel criminal cases to represent

the indigent in Massachusetts — called “bar advocates” — are poised to 

continue their illegal and unethical joint boycott of new cases, in order

to put more pressure on State Government to increase their fees.  That’s

despite the fact that each House of the Mass. Legislature (under the gun

for the third summer in a row from coordinated statewide refusals to take

new cases) passed bills this week that would raise fees significantly — 

amounting to an 81% increase in the past two years.

See SouthCoastToday article (July 23, 2005); AP/Boston Herald

article (July 22, 2005); our post June 9th.

wolf dude neg  Click to see the full story, with extensive discusion and excerpts

from many prior posts on this topic.  I hope you’ll take a look and especially

if you live in Massachusetts or care about the image of the legal profession —

take a public stand.


p.s. I’ve just figured out why they’re called “bar advocates”

rather than just assigned counsel — their #1 priority seems

to be advocating for the bar, for themselves.


afterthought (July 25, 2005): At MyShingle you can read Carolyn Elefant’s

responding to bar advocate opposition to a cap of 1400 hours per year per assigned



update (July 26, 2005): MACAA activist Deborah Sirotkin Butler writes to the Cape Cod Times

that the Massachusetts House “hid pay cuts and punitive systemic changes in a fake raise

slammed down by a cap. The actions of the House of representative were truly those of a

wolf in sheep’s clothing.” (Letter to the Editor, July 23, 2005)   She’s talking about capping

total bar advocate hours at 1400 per year and hiring public defenders to handle some of the district

court cases (moving Massachusetts toward a more balanced indigent defense system, which would

comport with national standards). See will MACAA react like a guild to indigent defense report?

p.s. (3 PM July 26, 2005): According to the Overworked Counties Chart posted at the

Bristol County bar advocate website, the average billed by each Bar Advocate in FY2004

was $33,147.    In the 6 counties where it’s hardest to find bar advocates and panel members

have the highest workloads, the average dollar amount billed by each bar advocate in

FY2004 was $37,694.   Under the bills passed by both houses of the Legislature, a limit

of 1400 hours per year would yield $70,000 for the lowest level of cases; $84,000 for major

felonies; and $140,000 for murder cases.


update (July 27, 2005):  A Mass. high court justice refuses to order the Legislature

to raise assigned counsel fees.  See “Lawyers granted time on pay dispute,”

by Dan Ring, Springfield Republican (July 27, 2005). Excerpt:

“An associate justice on the state’s highest court yesterday said

the state Legislature should receive more time to approve higher

hourly pay for private lawyers for the poor and resolve a crisis that

started last year in Hampden County.


“During a conference on a lawsuit that seeks increased hourly pay

for the court-appointed lawyers, Associate Justice John M. Greaney

also said it was unlikely the Supreme Judicial Court would order

lawmakers to appropriate money to settle the dispute since legislators

are making progress.” 

update (July 29, 2005): Yesterday, the Massachusetts legislature passed and sent

to the Governor an assigned counsel bill that followed closely the House version

of assigned counsel fee reform.  “Legislature OKs raises for criminal defenders,

Daily News Tribune, by Emelie Rutherford, July 29, 2005).  The bill, which was signed

into law today by Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey (Gov. Mitt, Romney is on vacation) will:

tiny check raise fees retroactive to July 1 from $37.50 to $61.50 per hour to between

$50 and $100 per hour, with a cap of 1400 hours (The cap would apply

only to new cases accepted after 1,400 hours are reached.)


tiny check authorize hiring of 10 new on-staff public defenders (to handle criminal

matters) for each of the state’s district


tiny check require improved procedures for confirming that defendants are indigent

and the formation of a commission to study decriminalizing some acts. 


In a Boston Herald article, John Salsberg, co-chairman of Suffolk Lawyers For Justice

Inc., is quoted:

  “Finally, the hard work of court-appointed attorneys is being recognized. It is

unfortunate that it took a crisis in the court system to get to this point.”

Salsberg’s organization has been at the forefront of the concerted bar advocate boycotts —

thus creating the judicial crisis he decries. (prior post)


“tinyredcheck”  Meanwhile, at their Yahoo! ListServe, assigned counsel are congratulating themselves  for having the “courage” to refuse new cases, and especially thanking the [first concerted boycotters] 

in the “western part of the state for setting the tone and example for so much longer than any”. 

They’re also complaining that MACAA isn’t getting enough credit.


I would like to congratulate the assigned counsel who took my advice to heart two years ago and

concentrated their efforts on getting legislative, judicial and bar association support.  However,

because the threat and reality of more boycotting were never rejected by the bar advocate leaders,

I am reluctant to praise their efforts.   I have always opposed the tactics of the bar advocates, not

their goal of inceased fees.  As I said in September 2003: 

The Bar Advocates need to find a way to pursue their legitimate goals without violating

their ethical obligations or the antitrust laws.  They should continue their efforts to draft

improved legislation and seek sponsors.   But lobbying in public while building the

infrastructure for the next boycott is not acceptable conduct.   Achieving their longterm

goals, with lasting results, will surely come from persuasion, not coercion or collusion.


They need to create strong judicial, legislative and executive branch support for their fee

demands, while reaching out to other advocate groups, and earning the public’s respect

and trust.  

The apparent belief among assigned counsel in Massachusetts that they cannot achieve fair

fee levels without coordinated coercion bodes ill for the future. 


update (Aug. 8, 2005) Champion Magazine, the journal of the National association of Criminal

Defense Lawyers, has an article in its August edition, entitled “Lawyers on Strike — Beware the

Antitrust Laws,” by Malia Brink, which is now (ironically) posted at the Bristol County Bar

Advocates website, here. 

in the misty day
no window can be seen…
a prison

Kobayashi ISSA, translated by D.G. Lanoue

July 22, 2005

dog-day paddling with jim kacian

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We never need an excuse to feature Jim Kacian, our very first

Honored Guest Poet, and the generous author of a haiku-how-to

primer that premiered at this website.  Jim’s going to be in my neck

of Upstate New York this weekend (probably kayaking and feasting

with John Stevenson and Yu Chang), so I thought I send a big hello

from the multiple personalities at f/k/a.


Jim might not have seen last night’s perigean moon, but he’s

a lunar aficionado from way back:



                            brightest moon up all night








coyote moon small




sundown —

one dog starts

them all





the melon splits

ahead of my knife —

midsummer heat









for my birthday

another trip

around the sun





Jim Kacian — Upstate Dim Sum, guest poet, 2001/II 


writer’s block —

an ice cream binge

inspires brain freeze


                 [July 22, 2005]                     



potluck buffet – closed for July        

tiny check But see: new entries at Inadvertent Searchee (with knuckleballs,

scattered ashes, socialists, religious law schools, price sensitivity and much more)    

                canoeing pair small neg






July 21, 2005

full moon: perigean schmerigean

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I’m not sure Kobayashi Issa would be very impressed to know that

tonight’s full moon comes during the month’s lunar perigee — when it

is nearest the earth in its orbit.  (He’d certainly smile tolerantly, if told

by an avid scientist that the moon appears 30% brighter from earth at

perigee than at apogee.)


full moon  Perigean or not, tonight’s particularly brilliant full moon

will surely inspire haiku around the world.   Here are some of my

favorite summer moon haiku from Master Issa:


her child tucked in
she washes his clothes…
summer moon




under a full moon
yet still not cool…
the straw mat





spotting three shoots
of new bamboo…
the moonlit night


full moon neg




crossing the river
taking a leak…
summer moon



moon on the sea–
he’s under his fan






big rain
big moon
cicada in the pine


in soup kettle
and outhouse
the summer moon


katydid –  from The Haiku of Kobayashi Issa, where you’ll find 5000 more Issa haiku

online and searchable, translated by David G. Lanoue


– We just added four summer moon haiku to the Tea Party with Issa in our SideBar.


  • by dagosan                                               


the moon

closer than you



[July 21 2005]  


p.s. You can click here to see what the moon looks like each day. 



                                        –  Moon/schmoon: Prof Yabut’s thinking about snow buddhas “SnowBuddhaChadGS” 




your money’s worth from mr. welch

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relaxing my arm


on the bullseye




he tells me of his breakup–

stems of grapes

left on the plate




Welch38L  full size color photo & haiku




summer moonlight

    the potter’s wheel





the farmer’s old dog


in the harvester





cold rain–

the inning ends

with nobody on





relaxing my arm” – 3rd Place, Drevnoik Award 2004, Haiku Canada

“he tells me” & “the farmer’s old dog” – Upstate Dim Sum 2003/I

“summer moonlight” – full size color photo & haiku from Open Window

“cold rain” – 2nd Place, 2005 Anita Sadler Weiss Memorial Haiku Award



                                                                                                                             potluck – the lid‘s on  in July  butterflyN     


your money’s worth from mr. welch

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relaxing my arm


on the bullseye




he tells me of his breakup–

stems of grapes

left on the plate




Welch38L  full size color photo & haiku




summer moonlight

    the potter’s wheel





the farmer’s old dog


in the harvester





cold rain–

the inning ends

with nobody on





relaxing my arm” – 3rd Place, Drevnoik Award 2004, Haiku Canada

“he tells me” & “the farmer’s old dog” – Upstate Dim Sum 2003/I

“summer moonlight” – full size color photo & haiku from Open Window

“cold rain” – 2nd Place, 2005 Anita Sadler Weiss Memorial Haiku Award



                                                                                                                             potluck – the lid‘s on  in July  butterflyN     


July 20, 2005

my long shadow

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Silent woods . . .
a growing awareness of
the need to breathe



blazing heat
     my long shadow






After a hard day

twilight — the roses are black

the violets are white


Silent woods” – The Heron’s Nest

blazing heat” – The Heron’s Nest

after a hard day” – Simply Haiku (Sept. 2003, I:3)


  • by dagosan                                               

open window —

summer breeze

blows right by




a lot less humid


the sunny side of the street



[July 20 2005]  


                                                                                                      potluck – the lid‘s back on      potLidN 

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