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July 2, 2005

fireworks postponed

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I have

my moments




thickening fog

not a word

since the last exit



exit   Yu Chang from Upstate Dim Sum (2003/II)




before I pick up the nickel

a rain drop

on Jefferson’s head








the load tied down —

her painted toe nails

on the dashboard











in the dark

I let my imagination go




“the load tied down” (2003/II)

“before I pick up the nickel” & “outside” (2005/I)



breakfast alone

a cricket

in the kitchen





baseball and fireworks

called on account of rain 



[July 2, 2005]



potLid2F Hey, George, the lid is still on the pot!


issa knows mosquitoes

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– please support ONEThe Campaign to Make Poverty Historyand Live 8 – 


hut’s mosquitoes
this damned year, too




the pesky mosquito’s
temple flower







mosquito swarm–
even you
have a narrow home



thrown together–
thin mosquitoes, thin fleas
thin children




my home
where I even exhale




quarter moon


a place
short on mosquito swarms…
sickle moon



wringing hands
in the mosquito netting…
let me have just a corner!



to the lullaby
of mosquitoes
she sleeps




even the horses
sleep in light green
mosquito nets!




today too
mosquito larvae and me
at sunset





living long
the flies, fleas, mosquitoes…
a poor village



leisure class–
“Mosquitoes have come!”
they say



even the mosquito hates
thin legs…
quickly moving on

 all haiku by Kobayashi ISSA, translated by David G. Lanoue  

–  here’s a self-portrait by Issa, with accompanying haiku:


Gimme that moon!

cries the crying


 – find more Issa haiku for ONE & Live 8 here

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Supporting ONE & Live 8 — with Issa’s haiku

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Issa, the classic haiku master of 19th Century Japan, has often

helped this weblog make points on very contemporary issues. 


Live8sm  Tonight, I’m borrowing Issa’s words, as translated

by Prof. David G. Lanoue, in support of the important work of

ONEThe Campaign to Make Poverty History — and of Live 8

Your Editor just started his punditry-free vacation, so will merely

point you to the Technorati Live 8 page for more details.



hazy night–
people listening
to heavenly music








in my home village
they’re used to poverty…
maiden flowers







people call it
“empty belly” hunger…
morning lark









the mushroom hunters
return empty-handed…





even the poor
workhorses of Edo sleep…
in mosquito nets!



morning time–
thin mosquito, thin flea
thin child


flyswatter horiz



mosquito larvae
dance in memoriam…
the tomb’s puddle

from today on
may my medicine work!
welcoming the gods




“Issa self neg” – all haiku by Kobayashi ISSA,

translated by David G. Lanoue  


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