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July 6, 2005

it’s international kissing day!

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Let’s join Amber at Prettier than Napoleon and help make International Kissing Day a meaningful, enjoyable new tradition in the U.S.A.

update (July 5, 2008): See our post “let’s celebrate kissing and chocolate” for lots of information and more haiku and senryu relating to International Kissing Day (July 6) and Chocolate Day (July 7).


slow train

i lose count of the cars

when the woman blows a kiss

first kiss

a firefly blinks its way

toward mars

fireflyF fireflyG


a woodpecker works

the sugar maple

– from Bottle Rockets # 11 –

dog day heat

the subtle breeze

of a blown kiss

from Full Moon Haiku (July ’05) –


ed markowski


good morning kiss

wing beats

of the hummingbird

Peggy Lyles from To Hear the Rain

first kiss –
the lilacs still heavy
with last night’s rain


billie wilson The Heron’s Nest (April 2001)

faint pink lips

where someone kissed

the window

kissing moon goodnight

a gentle


David G. Lanoue from Haiku Guy: a novel

Kissing Day —

just as much fun

with our dentures out




her chocolate breath

mingles with mine —

easter sunset



his pop-fly

kisses the moon —

heading to second base



her chocolate breath” – Simply Haiku Winter 2005

cloud-covered night–
no moon, no fireflies,
no goodnight kiss

. .by David Giacalone – “Lanterns: a firefly anthology” (Edited by Stanford M. Forrester, Bottle Rockets Press, 2007}



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