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July 7, 2005

rainy day diversions

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storm warning
the watercolorist works
in shades of grey




rainy afternoon

the only child plays

dot to dot





paint by number

the child’s river

escapes its bank


crayon box  Tom Painting   

“paint by numbers” from tug of the current:  RMA 2004

storm warning” – The Heron’s Nest (July 2004)

“rainy afternoon” – from the haiku chapbook piano practice  


rain stopped

her silk blouse

on the chair






summer rain

the shadows gather

in her back


rain stopped” – Modern Haiku XXIX:2



    • by dagosan                                               

summer laundry —

the colors pile

half the size of the whites


[July 7,2005]                       



potluck: the lid’s on in July   

                     [despite Yabut’s re-run loophole]     



             “lipsG”  We’re going to continue adding haiku/senryu to our  

                  International Kissing Day Haiku post — celebrating the joys of kissing.                                           

                                                          pawn horiz    pawn

our kind of CrimLaw bar review [Yabut summer re-run]

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to: Bar Review Students & Attendees

from:  Prof. Yabut

re: Criminal Law & Procedure Study Guide

We would have learned a lot more criminal law and procedure, if Brandon Bird had

been publishing during our law school days.  Indeed, our local public defender’s

office oughta buy a couple copies of his Law & Order: An adventure to color right

now.  [Thanks to The Texas Lawyer for the CLE pointer.]

“evidenceBagSm”  Tip to CSI: don’t forget the gloves and baggies.

tiny check Tip to the office supplies manager: get a whole lot of these things . . crayonBoxV

“tinyredcheck” For more of Prof. Yabut’s Summer Re-Runs & Student Reading List, see:




each stroke of his crayon

his tongue

across his lips





Columbus Day trip

red and yellow crayons 

turn into stubs





              [originally posted: April 30, 2004]  Law&OrderN

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