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July 8, 2005

dagosan’s scrapbook — July 2005

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– below are haiku and senryu written by “dagosan”, this weblog’s Editor, David A. Giacalone. most have been on the Home Page, some are outtakes and rewrites. each is a work in progress. i hope they show improvement over time and encourage others to try writing haiku –

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8th birthday –

she wants a diamond

and new cleats


            [for Lissa, July 31, 2005]





another summer


orange daylilies



[July 30, 2005]








fasting for a blood test —

the phlebotomist

puts down his doughnut







cute receptionist —

handing her

a Medicare card


                [July 29, 2005]




cooler after the storm —

a smile from

the neighborhood scold


                [July 28, 2005]











one more

razor nick —

she kisses the whiskered cat



[July 27, 2005]












July heatwave —

the hardhats grieve over

lukewarm coffee


                     [July 26, 2005]












lawn seating —

we hear

the clouds float by 


                          [July 25, 2005]









writer’s block —

an ice cream binge

inspires brain freeze


                 [July 22, 2005]     






the moon

closer than you



[July 21 2005]  







open window —

summer breeze

blows right by








a lot less humid


the sunny side of the street



[July 20 2005]  










mid-July —

the weatherman

explains dew points again         

                 [July 19, 2005]






toweling off —

why do I always

start here?             

                       [July 18, 2005]





sultry Sunday

freezer pops and

blue tongues

[July 17, 2005]     










harvest moon

a cartful

of groceries



[orig. Sept. 26, 2004,

     edited, July 16, 2005]



rush-hour red light —

every car but ours




[July 15, 2005]







just past sunset —

faded daylilies

more orange than before



[July 14, 2005]










the gull we shooed —

watching and

watching its flight


             [July 13, 2005]





crescent moon –

the curve of her tan line



[July 12, 2005]






an oak shades

the newly-waxed Saab —

sparrow scores a bull’s-eye



[July 11, 2005]





Sunday dawn —


all the way back to bed


                              [July 10, 2005]       










sudden downpour

wet t-shirts

show much too much 


                              [July 8, 2005]








summer laundry —

the colors pile

half the size of the whites


[July 7,2005]    




not until we’re married!

he invokes

the kissing loophole











just as much fun

with our dentures out







his pop-fly

kisses the moon —

heading to second 









the bedroom spider

gets clemency —

not the mosquito



[July 6, 2005]





parked on the shoulder

in a driving rain —

our flashers dim


[July 5, 2005]



the old war vet —

holding his grandson

and oxygen tank


photo by arthur j. giacalone







fireworks –

in the crowd

one dog wimphers, one howls

















town hall fireflies

keep working the crowd



[July 4, 2005]






bedroom cricket —

she wants it caught 

                        and brought outside 


[July 3, 2005]






breakfast alone

a cricket

in the kitchen











baseball and fireworks

called on account of rain 



[July 2, 2005]










July downpour —

a tiny dry patch

on the porch










lightning storm —

the constant flashing

of digital clocks



[July 1, 2005]


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