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July 10, 2005

barry george’s weekend edition

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summer morning–
the kitten ignores itself
in the full-length mirror









a flatbed
hauling scrap metal
summer heat







coffee cup gray





slow conversation

a passing bus fills

the diner window










back door curve

    the batter









Island dusk–
in a field of glowing reeds
the white crane  




“Island dusk” – from Haiku Spirit; “back door curve” –  Fan: “Haiku” Special Issue (1998)

“slow conversation” – A New Resonance 2; a flatbed” & “summer morning” –  The Heron’s Nest


by dagosan: 

Sunday dawn —


all the way back to bed


                              [July 10, 2005]       


 potluck punditry: the lid’s on in July    


                                                                                                              diner dude gray

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