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July 15, 2005

the stars counted

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four from Gary Hotham:


the sun’s warmth

part of the house

we seldom use






a late arrival

in the back row–

the odor of rain





in what’s left

of our footprints–

some of the wave




with the numbers

my daughter knows–

the stars counted



 Gary Hotham from The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku series

“with the numbers” – The Red Moon Anthology 1997; Woodnotes 31

“in what’s left” – snow on the water: RMA  1998; South by Southeast V:2

“a late arrival” – pegging the wind: RMA 2002;; Kusamakura 2001

“the sun’s warmth” pegging the wind: RMA 2002; The Heron’s Nest IV:9   



rush-hour red light —

every car but ours




[July 15, 2005]




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