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July 17, 2005

an empty swing

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picking strawberries
grandma’s rolled up sleeves reveal
pale tattooed numbers







far from home
an empty swing
half my size



swings gray 



my son and i
counting fireflies
counting stars




“far from home” – Frogpond XIX:3 (1996) (for Anita Virgil) 

“picking strawberries” – Commended, Basho 300th Anniv. International Haiku Contest (1994); HIA (1996)

“my son and i” – First Prize, Penumbra (1999); included in The Thin Curve: RMA 1999




sultry Sunday

freezer pops and

blue tongues

[July 17, 2005]                     

                                                                                                                       swing set              

closedSmG potluck buffet – closed for July           

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