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July 19, 2005

mops and pails

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billowing clouds

patches of cracked concrete

along the interstate








mops and pails–

the wren goes on singing

with straw in its beak








the scent of rain

as the tree frogs start

first star




“billowing clouds” & “mops and pails–”  Frogpond XXVIII:2  (Spring/Summer 2005)

“the scent of rain” – Frogpond XXVIII: 1 (Winter, 2005)




by dagosan:  

mid-July —

the weatherman

explains dew points again         

                 [July 19, 2005]





males don’t wear “outfits”

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I’ve been saying it for decades to the women in my life. So, I had to smile broadly
last night, when Silvano Iurata (the protagonist in Norman Green’s gritty 2003 novel The Angel of Montague Street) was willing to correct Elia (the newly-found woman of his dreams), to insist:

“Please.  Men don’t wear outfits.”

clohangerN And, please, no loopholes, ladies: neither boys, nor babies and toddlers of the male gender, wear “outfits” — no matter how cute you may think their clothes look.

Of course, there are times when males wear uniforms or costumes, and men may even be members of an outfit, but they do not wear outfits. See: the lyrics to “Outfit” by Drive-by Truckers, from their 2003 album “DecorationDay;” via comment by David (not related to Your Editor) at Gaslamp Ball: a San Diego Padres Blog, and comment by teemcee, mother of two sons, who explains:

“[G]uys don’t wear ‘outfits’.  Outfits are reserved for us ladies.  Guys wear clothes.  “Outfits” implies accessories like balloon hats shaped to look like unicorns, man-purses (aka “camera bags”) and things of that sort.”

withering wind…
the scarecrow’s jacket

the accused teen
and his lawyer…
dressed for spring

Santa suit rental —
she orders
less padding this year

a shiny disco shirt

out of the attic trunk . . .

something scurries away

GreenWayPast potluck buffet – closed for July
Since I’ve interrupted my punditry vacation to bring you this culturally- important message, and I’ve mentioned author Norman Green, I want to point anyone interested in excellent crime/action fiction to Green’s two other novels:

Way Past Legal just came out in paperback.  When I read it last year, it made me want to read everything Green has written, and I wish his oeuvre were much larger.

tiny check With Prof. Yabut out of his hair this month, haikuEsq has had time to
weed through dagosan’s daily scrapbooks (pulling clunkers and duds) and to
produce two edited collections, which are humbly offered to those interested in
the continuing growth of a still-neophyte haijin:

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